I Want To Vote FOR Someone, I’m Tired Of “Least Worst” Candidates!

I’m going to say something that makes me question my own ethical and moral foundation.
84 ethics complaints were lodged against Newt Gingrich. 83 were dismissed, and the 84th, for which he paid a fine and admitted doing, the IRS later, (3 years later), ruled he wasn’t guilty of anything. (1)
And, if he had been guilty of some  personal ethical lapse, or had defied some red tape to get a good-for-America agenda passed, I don’t care.
There, I Said It!
Did Newt Gingrich lead a conservative attack, help take Congress away from the Dems for the first time in 40 years, and work on numerous policies within that Congress to pass legislation that helped America?
Did Newt Gingrich pay the price for his success? And his big mouth? What is it about Newt Gingrich that creates such a “love-hate” relationship with both his peers and the voters? Is that “love-hate” relationship directed more at the politicians ideas and what he represents, or personally at Gingrich?
I ask, because recently, and not so recently, we have seen the same vitriol amassed and fired, in a not dissimilar fashion, at others. Ronald Reagan was an idiot, Sarah Palin, well, we could write books about the lies and distortions directed at her and her family.
Was Palin “Gingriched?” (Gingriched: to be subjected to a continual onslaught of political charges and attacks, that, although false, can lead to disarray in one’s ability to push their agenda’s, at which point resignation is inevitable, to return the focus to the business of the state or nation.)
Did Newt retire from Congress a wealthy man?
Did the policies he pushed in Congress lead to his personal enrichment?
Was he hiding, then or now, from any questions concerning his actions?
Newt Gingrich lost many followers with his statements on the now-more-than-ever-obviously-a-fraud Man-caused Global Warming hoax, sitting on the couch with Pelosi and being used as a dupe to hammer the right, and his support for charging Americans for being Americans with a healthcare mandate scheme.
How far ahead would he be without those missteps? Would anybody still be supporting Romney as a Conservative under that scenario?
Has Gingrich admitted his mistakes? I think yes, I believe he has heard the people on these issues.
Is Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney more likely to advance radical ideas to change Washington? Both of these men have had to be on both sides of many issues, because of their positions.
In your mind, which one compromised gladly to get a bill, and which one hated every inch they had to concede?
I believe Newt Gingrich could have stayed successful in the background and made a good living without subjecting himself to the embarrassment he certainly knew was coming. If he is willing to admit his mistakes and take the abuse, I must admit that he is more likely to get my attention than Mitt, “I’m Next In Line After Dole And McCain” Romney.
I still wish I had better choices.

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