I Hope They All Stay IN The Race!

Those who scoff at Newt Gingrich’s plans for space should keep in mind that similar arguments were made against JFK when he proposed his moon quest. (1)
JFK had a cold war going on, but still saw the necessity of going to space.
Today, our President will face China in the race to a moon base. (2)
Does anyone really want China controlling space from a militarized moon base? Or controlling all the minerals available on the moon?
Along with the great idea proposed by Rick Santorum concerning Manufacturing companies and Capital Gains taxes, a US/China “base race” would make America’s economy take off like a rocket.
Between the manufactoring jobs created throughout the country and NASA in the southern states building our own moon base facilities, and those spurred by re-invigorating the American oil industry by creating the Keystone pipeline and allowing drilling, (and frakking) in the US and off shore, unemployment would statistically disappear.
Unfortunately, Newt Gingrich, the only candidate with the foresight to think outside the box, is considered un-electable. It is his own fault. Thinking outside the box put him on a couch with Nancy. It leads him to consider the racist Woodrow Wilson, the man who gave us the Fed and the Income Tax, in a favorable light, calling himself a “Wilsonian” progressive! He says and does things that brings voting for him to the point of near impossibility, but then you have to remember, he did lead the most successful Republican revolt in our age, bringing us the only balanced budgets in my lifetime.
I must give Santorum credit. He has not run as I expected him to.  Unlike Bachmann, he has run as a man of deep faith, but has kept it in the context of who he is, not beating people over the head with fear based warnings about natural disasters being warnings from God. (3) He has not taken the bait concerning the contraception issue.
obama has different traps to spring on whichever candidate they have to face.
Romney will be attacked through Wall Street and Romney-(obama)-care.
Santorum will be attacked as a religious fanatic out to hurt women through radical church teachings, if he puts his religion in the forefront. Up to now, he has struck a perfect balance. Pointing out his past defeat means nothing when taken out of context of the election as a whole. His support for Arlen Specter shows a glaring lack of vision and courage, and is my remaining strike against him. It is hard to consider trusting him.
Gingrich will face his government shut-down, and “tantrums,” besides his personal moral failings.
It seems the best we can hope for is for all of them to keep any of them from being a clear winner, keeping the obama slime machine from being able to get focused on anyone for a while, and having a brokered convention where we can pick a real Conservative on the second ballot.

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    What useful minerals are on the moon? How could the whole moon be controlled by one base?

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