Why The 11th Commandment Was Important, or, Et Tu, Brute…(or Mitt, or Rick, or Ron…)?

Once again, we have¬†Newt Gingrich¬†show why we need this years primary season to continue into the Republican Convention. While some of the others are trying to jump into Newt’s shoes, and go after the media for their lies and twisting of the facts we all know, Newt not only points out the medias misrepresentations, he also demolishes the policies of this failed, (from an American’s point of view), president.
Newt realizes who the real target is. He, from the inside of the electoral process, and Sarah Palin from the outside, are more interested in bringing down obama than playing gotcha games.
The MSM loves to point out how the Republican field is taking a beating in the polls because of the divisive debates and attacks amongst the candidates.
No one points out that had they followed the lead Newt Gingrich tried to set, and stayed away from attacking each other, this division would not have occurred.
Can you imagine if instead of following the smear machine tactics of Mitt Romney, the candidates had instead turned each and every question from the media against the real target, obama?
For example, had the original answer to George Clinton Stephanopoulos’s stupid question about conservatives and birth control been to point out the cost, in human lives, of the infanticide policies backed by obama and the ultra-liberal democrats, and how all conservatives stood against obama’s disrespect of the most basic of rights for the most vulnerable of Americans, and repeatedly referred to obama’s position every time the media brought up the contraceptive policy, how long would the obama-protective media keep bringing up the issue?
After all, they only raised the issue to keep the candidates from speaking of all the failures of the obama administration, especially the economy. The last thing the media wants is for someone to break through their cover and land a blow against the failed presidency currently destroying American freedom.
How much higher would the GOP candidates numbers be, (and, conversely, lower would obama’s be), if every second of all of the debates was spent on attacking obama, instead of each other. Who cares what the questions were?
Newt, once again, was right. He tried to stay above the attacks with a positive campaign, but, as Michael Corleone complained when trying to retire from the “fictional mob” in the Godfather, “…they keep pulling me back in.”
Had the candidates used every second of TV face-time to attack obama and his outrageous policies, they would be polling much higher. Instead, they abandon the true conservative principle of not attacking each other, and play right into the media and democrat, (redundant, I know), trap, handing them the ammunition they will use from a relatively strong position against the eventual candidate.

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