Headlines We Will Never See:

obama, Citing Constitutional Freedoms, Declares “America Greatest Country”
Mitt Romney Admits Mistake
Newt Gingrich Out Of Ideas
New York Times Supports Conservative Candidate
Planned Parenthood Admits Millions From Taxpayers Covers Abortions
Planned Parenthood Admits Extermination Of Minorities Was And Is Goal
obama Declares American Military “Greatest Force For Good In History”
Limbaugh Time Mag’s “Man Of The Year”
Iraqis Grateful To U.S. For Freedom
Saudi Arabians Stop Exporting Wahhabism
Israelis Lay Down Arms, Middle East Peace Reigns
Muslims Lay Down Arms, World Peace Reigns
Muslim World Allows For Different Religious Views
Muslims Give Up Violent Quest For World-Wide Caliphate
CAIR Admits Terrorist Beginnings, Connections
Progressive Dems Admit Communist Manifesto Their Goal For America
obama Admits His Policies Direct Cause Of 86% Rise In Gas Prices
Liberals Admit Reagan Right About Taxes
Liberals Credit Reagan, Thatcher, Pope With Winning Cold War
Progressives Admit FDR Policies Prolonged Depression
Progressives Admit Failure Or Financial Collapse Of Every One Of Their Policies Since 1900
Media Declares Their Own Failures, Admits Liberal Bias
obama Policies Lower Inflation
obama Policies Lower Consumer Prices
MSM Admits Farrakhan An Unreliable, Unbelievable, Racist, UFO Nut
Muslims Admit Islam Incompatible With, Subservient To, American Constitution
GM Profitable, Pays Off American Taxpayer Loans
Iran Announces Support For Israeli Right to Exist
Joe Wilson Right, obama IS a Liar
Peta Kills 95% of Animals It Takes In    (Wait, that one is a real headline!)
Blacks Fare Better OFF Dem Plantation
Progressive Dem Policies Demean, Enslave Blacks
MSM Declares Conservatism Better For America
U.S. Pulls out Of U.N., Stops Dealing With Enemies
obama: “U.S. Policy Not Dictated By Unproven Theories,” Disavows Climate Change and Radical Environmentalists
obama: “Drill Here, Drill Now!”
obama: “No Dealing With Muslim Countries Until They Allow Christian Churches and Recognize Israel”
MSM  Declares Global Warming A Hoax, Admits Failure Of Journalism
and the one we all HOPE we never see:
obama Re-Elected!

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    The American fighting forces have been involved in wars since before, (vs the British), and immediately after, (Islamic Jihad, Barbary Coast, British [again]), our founding. I’m sorry, but historically calling Christianity the greatest force for good is simply outrageous.
    The corruption and wars inflicted upon the earth by it and other religions disqualifies them. That is not to say they have not done good, but nothing they have done compares with the freedoms and sacrifices on the right side of history borne by our military.
    I see gas prices so high because of this failed President, obama, and the progressives in Congress that there is a landslide victory for anyone from the GOP, reminiscent of the Reagan/Mondale debacle.
    As an optimistic American, I say no one, not even you, is hopeless. I believe we are all products of our experiences, and nothing is going to pry us from their results.
    As always,
    Be well, hope to hear from you.

  2. onill /

    You’re hopeless. How could you even determine that the U.S. military is the “greatest force for good in history?” That’s a meaningless platitude, and it’s about as from a real conservative principle as you can get. You’re not even specifying “fighting force” – just “force.” How about Christianity? I’d say that’s done a fair bit more good over the course of human history than the U.S. military, which has only been a major global force since WWI, less than 100 years ago.

    Anyway, you’re hopeless. You swallow and regurgitate propaganda but have no idea what the terms “conservative” and “liberal” really mean. I wish it weren’t so, but I see the Republicans headed for a historic defeat in November because they’re pandering to people like you. Good-bye. Hope you wake up someday.

  3. Ron Reale / Post Author

    obama has denigrated and, is right now, allowing 5 Americans in the military to be hung out to dry to appease his terrorist brothers, rather than telling the countries to immediately release them or face the full military might of America. He is also building soccer fields for 700,000 + American taxpayer dollars, to entertain his scumbag terrorist America hating brethren, while attacking and belittling any effort to actually hold the terrorists accountable or treat them with the force they deserve.
    BTW, NO, IT IS NOT CLOSE ENOUGH! IT HAS NO SIMILAR MEANING! Calling the American military the “Finest fighting force the world has ever known”, is no where near the same as my headline, “obama Declares American Military Greatest Force For Good In History.” obama has repeatedly apologized for the role of American forces throughout history, because their success has spread freedom and representative democracy, something he despises. (as you can tell from his continued statements about the Chinese government, and how he wishes he had their power, and was not constrained by our Constitution, another document of which he has repeatedly complained.
    Great to finally have a dialogue with you, (if only in my altered reality!).
    Be well,

  4. Ron Reale / Post Author

    First of all, Gas prices have gone up 86% under obama to date, (which you can easily check), fulfilling his campaign promise that energy rates would “necessarily skyrocket” under his Presidency. Every time fuel went up a penny under Bush, it was headlines that it was his fault. I am just continuing the practice started by the left.obama’s Energy Secretary Chu just announced to a Senate committee that it was not the administrations desire to lower fuel prices, but to keep them high (and higher still), so that the failed solar and other renewable energy policies could be economically feasible. No need to wait until they work, just spend billions in corrupt deals so obama’s friends can steal it and go bankrupt. I don’t have to justify facts you can readily find. As I say on my home page, do your own research, don’t get angry at me for printing facts.
    Second of all, I will capitalize the Presidency in general out of respect, but I have not one iota of respect for the anti-American scumbag in the office right now. My respect is for Americans and the Country they founded, not foreigners trying to destroy it.
    It is good to get a message from you the I can actually read and answer, and I always appreciate your time and effort in contacting me.
    Be well,

  5. onill /

    And what is this one about? “obama Declares American Military “Greatest Force For Good In History”

    Here’s a quote from the president from May 30, 2011: “it is my most solemn responsibility as President, to serve as Commander-in-Chief of one of the finest fighting forces the world has ever known.” Not close enough for you? Again – YOU’RE NOT LIVING IN REALITY. There are enough REAL criticisms to level against this president without this nonsense.

  6. onill /

    “obama Admits His Policies Direct Cause Of 86% Rise In Gas Prices”

    Love to see you substantiate that one! We’re never gonna beat this guy if we don’t start living in reality! And show some respect for the office and CAPITALIZE his damn name.

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