Is The Obvious THAT Hard Too See?

Is The Obvious THAT Hard Too See?
What is it about the pundits that they can’t seem to get that WE, the American People, have no problem with a “brokered” Convention for the GOP?
Why are they so afraid of allowing this process? I just heard Dick Morris declare that we NEED a candidate, asking principled people to ┬ájust “vote for Romney!” Not because he is the best person, but because he, Dick Morris, believes we need to short circuit the process, and, in the process, disenfranchise the very people we will need to vote for our eventual candidate.
Way to get out the vote, Dick!
We like this process. The only reason it has gotten so ugly is because of the candidates themselves. Newt claimed he was going to have a positive campaign, but millions of dollars in negative attacks were the response.
I still wish Newt had resisted being dragged into the sewer, and had remained positive in the face of the withering attacks. In the long run, he would have come out above the negative fray. He would have stood out as the true elder statesman he really is.
Regardless, the rest of the country has a right to have their voices heard. We are not the Democrat party, working diligently to disenfranchise Independent and
GOP votes.
No, we are the party unafraid of ideas, the party that thrives on looking into the future together, as optimistic of the future as Ronald Reagan ever was, given we arrive together at the best solutions through a thorough vetting and hearing of all involved. When the men or women we chose reach the end of this primary season, we look forward to them taking the delegates we have entrusted them with, into the meetings of the future of the party, and coming to the best decision they can to represent their voters. When they have finished with the attacks and have to sit in a room and advocate for their ideas on their merits alone, we are strengthened.
When that is accomplished, the strength of the party is greatly enhanced.
The feeling of the people that they really are involved is enhanced.
More people might consider voting, if we consider giving them a shot at it now!
We have been short circuiting the system for a long time.
Does anybody doubt we can do better?

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    Now, you have about 200 more to comment on in my archive…have fun!
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    Right on Ron, only complements from me!

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