More Than One Reason To Celebrate Wisconsin Victory!

Besides the obvious reasons for celebrating Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s historical win, (really a decisive drubbing by 7 points, completely downplayed by the MSM), (1), in the corrupt government union’s ill-conceived political recall election, there is something else for us to seriously consider:
Even in Wisconsin, obama and his SEIU union thugs could not steal an election!
That has got to mean something!
In a state where you can show up on election day and register to vote, a state spending millions of dollars of extorted money from it’s non-willing union members to fund this fight to keep extorting money from it’s non-willing union members, a state where even the police union thugs were openly repressing dissenting voices with violence and false arrests, (2), where Bill Clinton, (3), Debbie whats-her-name Schultz, (4), and other leading democrats openly declared the dire consequences should Walker not be defeated, they could not steal the election.
Was there widespread voter fraud we don’t know about, but the victory was such a landslide, Walker still won?
Or did they hold off on the fraud this election out of fear of their tactics becoming public before the election they REALLY need to steal, the upcoming recall election against obama?
While I am still firmly for a retinal scan ID for all voters and entitlement recipients, I must admit I am heartened by this election’s results. While waiting for the last 12% to come in, I was waiting for the tide to change, once the dems saw exactly how many votes they needed to create.
If they can’t steal an election that is going to have immediate effects on the pocketbooks of their most corrupt supporters, the Government unions, (already today, San Diego and San Jose have continued the Wisconsin attack against the socialists), (5), we have reason to be positive. If they tried, but the “TEA Party” of today, (really nothing more than the great “Silent Majority” of past years), rallied enough support to overwhelm their fraud at the ballot box with legitimate votes of Patriotic Americans, we have reason to be positive.
Go. Bask in the victory, as it truly belongs to all Capitalist Americans. Mingle with the miserable, and be positive.

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