American Citizens Just Doormats For Illegals

Once again, we are seeing the hundred year war against America by progressive liberals bear fruit.
It is always the same story. We saw it recently with the bank collapse. Progressive liberals, starting with Carter, ordered banks to make home loans to people that had no hope of paying off the mortgages. The slow trickle of loss became an avalanche under Clinton, as he and Janet Reno enforced draconian penalties on the banks, forcing their continued forced “charity” to those that had no intention of paying back their loans. (1)
The result was the collapse of America’s housing market and banks, and the latest progressive liberal leader, obama, being able to claim that capitalism has not worked, (and never did!). (2)
Never mind that once the banks accepted the government regulations, they were no longer capitalist entities. To progressive liberal liars, their influence never causes the problems.
Now, along the same lines, we have the Anti-American Presidential Liar-in-Chief declaring that we must allow illegals to stay, “because they have been here all their lives, through no fault of their own, and have gone to school here,” so they deserve to stay. (3) Never mind that the only reason any of that occurred is because for years, the progressive liberals have FORCED the states to educate the children of lawbreakers, instead of arresting those that showed up at the schoolhouse doors because of their illegal status. (4)
Had Anti-American progressive liberals allowed Americans to enforce the laws on the books, and refused illegals entry to our society at all levels, and reported all those that attempted to steal our taxpayer dollars, none of these criminals would be here to worry about!
Once again, the Federal government has created a disgracefully anti-American situation that over the years, where illegality has become accepted, and, once the system starts to collapse, blames the Americans for the problem, not the illegals. (5)
If obama want s to give these criminals something, he should plea bargain with them, like any other criminal. Make them give up their parents for deportation for breaking our laws. Charge the parents with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for making them lawbreakers. Make them sign loan papers to pay for the education they stole, and any monies spent on medical procedures they required, and any services or benefits the government gave them.
If these “children” are our future, force them into the capitalist world, and let them pay for their lawlessness with their coming success obama is so sure of.
Legislators should immediately be drafting laws to stop this system of illegality. If putting illegal children in school is now the ticket illegals are depending on to continue their rape of America, than someone has to put a stop to it.
I’d say a good start is putting a Border Patrol office in every public school, and making all admissions clerks ICE officers, with the power to arrest illegals when they show up to enroll.

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    onill, on 2012/06/19 at 10:29 AM you posted:
    “You believe in social ownership of the means of production and you are hostile to religion.”

    Still waiting for you to back up your assertions. Making accusations you can’t or are unwilling to back up with facts makes less sense than the gibberish you have posted in the past. Maybe you should go back to posts that are incomprehensible,

    (like these two:”Do you know, sometimes referred to as a reference. From this, but it is not. He does not say, but not swimming pools, private punishment may be. Please make sure you have a record in the past.” and,
    “That the attack rate in the second and Rush angry today, Hillary Clinton and the value of equity, and related documents in a dangerous speed. First question: “Do you want to, if you know Hillary, I wonder, and his blog, RR?”

    I do not pay the highest in the world and spread the interest and exposure to heat. He believed that Americans have lost health insurance in the future. In that position, and I support the issues, Romney, and Reynolds … It is not necessary to change. Gingrich B, in essence, Obama is not, in fact, all the other Republicans to support the only candidate against disassembly and Renault Group

    Or choose to play S. Palin, vice president of design of aircraft and Cain, it was found that the floor of the electoral cycle of hell?

    Attorney General Eric Holder to eliminate racism that black do not believe in the mouth.

    Cain nothing to say. Please remember to support the application of research based on the contract price, Herman is a word that is based on the discussion, please contact the invisible woman. This photo is not.

    Please remember to support the launch of Sarah Palin did not say anything, I hope that this terrible shock is what is happening in the media to describe what they are now located in the social club in the wrong place, or why it is a victory of sycophants.”), at least no one can ask you to explain them. What I am trying to say is, you make more sense when you make no sense.

  2. Ron Reale / Post Author

    onill, it is good to hear from you again, especially in so clear a manner.
    Obviously you have failed to understand something somewhere, but I don’t have any idea of what you are speaking. I believe non-union private business should run all means of production, and I respect any and all religions that do not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers. If you have an example of what you are talking about, I would love to discuss it while you are still understandable.
    Not quite enough said to make sense, dude… but I appreciate the effort. I will await your evidence.

  3. onill /

    RR –

    You believe in social ownership of the means of production and you are hostile to religion.

    Enough said.

  4. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Glad to receive something from you that is written in understandable English. I wish
    all your comments where as cogent.
    You make no sense, as there is nothing on any of my blogs, or anywhere in my history that could be called “socialist”, but at least your attempted insult, or reach for the satirical, was comprehensible.
    While you are in a state that can be understood, maybe you can point out something…anything…anything at all, that you think shows I am a socialist. Please.
    I hope you remain well,

  5. onill /

    RR –

    This is a sincere inquiry – Why don’t you just transfer your blog You would be in the company of your fellow socialists there.

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