Have We No Patriots In DC? Are All Of Our Representatives Cowards?

I do not understand the mindset of a United States Congressman or Senator, of either party, who would so publicly and readily not only abdicate their responsibility to follow the Constitution, but sit back and without a fight or so much as a show of false indignation, allow another branch of Government to usurp their powers and render them meaningless.
Out of 535 so-called representatives, the people that are supposed to hold up our founding documents to protect the citizenry they represent, not one of them had the stones, was enough of a Patriot, to stand up and proclaim that, “not having received any decision from the Supreme Court on the law the Congress sent them, no action would be taken on the bill until the next Court session, when the court will have a chance to further deliberate on the Bill, possibly rendering a decision. In the meantime, if any Representatives in the house wish to take up the theoretical posturing of Chief Justice John Roberts, and actually pass a Health-care bill funded by new taxes, I’m sure it will be given the attention it deserves. Happy Fourth of July, and God Bless America.”
I’ve been railing about judicial activism for years.
The last time I put it in writing was in 2008. (1)
Basic Constitution. Legislators Legislate. Judges Judge.
If the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader of Congress were to decide that Jerry Sandusky was innocent, because he wasn’t having sex, he was teaching Sex-ed, could they force their opinion on any Court? Would he be let free?
Conversly, we should not be enslaved by the deranged hallucinogenic meanderings of a wannabeloved politician, a judicial activist rewriting legislation to correct it’s inherent deficiencies, who is more worried about his legacy than the Constitution he swore to protect.
I don’t have to obey someone publicly and obviously impersonating a Police officer. He is committing a crime and should be punished.
America should not obey someone publicly and obviously impersonating a member of Congress. He is committing a crime and should be impeached.

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