My Realety IS Black and White!

Were George Zimmerman black, nobody would know Travon Martin’s name.
obama wouldn’t be claiming either one looked like his son, (1), just as he hasn’t previously claimed any of the thousands of anonymous black youths killed by their peers. Black on black crime doesn’t get to obama or Eric Holder. Actually, black crime, or crimes committed by blacks, don’t seem to warrant anything less than their scorn.
New Black Panthers threatening and menacing whites at a polling place during an election is ignored. (2) Victims and perps wrong colors. You’re a racist for caring.
barack obama using a fraudulent Social Security number for years, being elected under false pretenses, has no true, provable history. (3) barack obama extending “executive privilege” into the “Fast and Furious” case, (4), protecting exactly whom? Himself? Holder? Regardless, perp(s) wrong color. You’re a racist for caring.
Hundreds of Mexicans and at least 2 American agents killed to date, (5), no reason to think the numbers will not continue to rise. Their deaths lie at the feet of a man who was already responsible for well over a hundred deaths in the Oklahoma City Bombing, (6), having apparently let explosives “walk” to terrorists in the same manner as his weapons “walked” to known drug dealers and criminals in Mexico. Can we all just close our eyes for a moment and imagine the conduct of the media and each and every politician if Eric Holder were white, and all his victims had been black? Would there be room on any network telecast, in any Main Stream Media newspaper for anything but the calls for his removal and prosecution? Wouldn’t the New Black Panthers have a bounty on him, as they did in the Zimmerman case? (7) But, alas, once again, the perp is the wrong color, and you, sir or madam, are a racist for caring.
I want John Roberts impeached for overstepping his authority and impersonating a legislator, a felony. Roberts is white, am I still a racist?
I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty damn tired of being called a racist for wanting frauds and murderers to be punished.

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