Random Thoughts, Life, Death and Marriage

We should only get mail delivered on Mondays and Thursdays.
The Conservatives in the House should be drafting  bill concerning the number of taxpayer funded vacations any future president gets, and the cap on costs over which the President is responsible. Going to Camp David or their private home for extended times are fine, as they are considered “working vacations”. High priced hotels, lavish multiple separate family vacations on the taxpayer dime have to have some restrictions. Even the Royal Family in Britain has a set allowance, there is no reason our President’s, (and other elected officials perks), should be unlimited or undefined.
No politician other than the president, nor any government employee, should receive any lifetime pension from the taxpayers above $100,000 a year.
A definition of the duties of the unelected first lady is due. A cap on their taxpayer funded activities is long overdue. These women are not elected, and there is no oversight of their spending. Their husbands should be personally responsible for the cost of their hobbies, not the public. If first ladies wish to spend taxpayer monies, let them get elected to do so.
The American Psychiatric Association should be held accountable for the death and damage their illogical and dangerous decisions cause. Public school education has been sacrificed and destroyed by their PC “global self-esteem” BS.Very expensive experimental psychotropic drugs that rewire the brain and create addicts who must keep taking the drug for the rest of their lives. Problems are not solved with a satisfied patient ending therapy. No, the drug companies and the venal frauds bilk the insurance companies for the overpriced medications you must take for the rest of your life.
With one exception, every mass shooting was perpetrated by someone on anti-depressants or some type of mood altering psychotropic drugs.
American society as a whole has been severely damaged by the illogical assertion by the APA that homosexuality is a “normal” lifestyle, against all evidence to the contrary. Feeding into the fantasy world of these pitiable mentally ill people, we now stand at a point where this tiny minority, (3.5%), is trying to convince the rest of the world, and forcibly indoctrinate our children, (with the Progressive enemies of America in our Government helping them at every step), into accepting their delusional and dangerous lifestyle.
Churches and religious organizations should no longer recognize State marriage licenses. They should be free to marry anyone they choose, according to their beliefs, and it is none of the States business. It is the ultimate “Free Speech” and “Religious Freedom” issue, and should be forced to the courts by the religious organizations. Regular business partnership agreements will cover the inheritance, visitation and every other “right” now granted by the State recognition through the marriage contract. There should be no tax breaks for anyone based on whether or not they are married.
Our President’s,( and, by extension, our), taxpayer funded sponsorship of the terrorism of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is a direct and active threat against the UAE immediately, and the free world eventually.
On a personal note, we all face different obstacles and experiences in life. The death of a parent or loved one can quickly put all other matters into perspective. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind words concerning my mom’s passing. They gave me the strength to reorganize and go on living…and get married!


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