President Determined To Mete Out Justice! REALLY?

At this time, 9:40 PM Wednesday, 4/17/13, there are still no concrete reports on suspects in the cowardly attack on innocents at the Boston Marathon.

All Americans are hurt by these attacks, and in our own ways pray for or reach out to the victims.

With all due respect for the victims and their families, I hope this investigation goes better than the Benghazi fiasco, or we may wind up reading nothing but this:

“The President’s spokesperson announced today the deep determination and drive of the President to use every venue open to him, in light of the Boston terrorist attack, to scour the world seeking out and identifying any u-tube video posted one day before the marathon that might be insulting to any religion but Christianity or any left wing progressive policy, so he can jail the white Christian responsible for the resulting violence from the poor victims of the video’s insults.

The FBI will seek out and bar any witnesses from speaking to any investigative bodies about any facts other than the video that caused the poor unfortunate peaceful people to resort to understandable violence.

No cooperation will be given to any investigative body by the Government of barack obama, because He and Hillary Clinton don’t believe it would make any difference to know the truth.”

This would be incredibly unacceptable to the American press and public-at-large, understandably so.

Why has it been accepted for the victims of Benghazi?


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