General Purpose American Consumers Rights Form

Knowing that some companies are terribly afraid of any public response, if you see or hear anything you consider beyond mere advertising and more of an attack on America and her supporters, don’t call for censorship. Spread the information about the companies or individuals behind the offensive materials. Feel free to send assorted companies this all-purpose generic form letter:

To Whom It May Concern:

There are many people in this country who continue to believe in the Constitution and American values.

These people find themselves under attack from not only their normal political rivals, but from a coordinated attack from the Education system, which can’t seem to pass up any opportunity to hire socialist murderers and anti-American terrorists; Hollywood, which can’t seem to pass up the opportunity to lose money on the latest anti-American screed; and foreign countries, which can’t pass up any opportunity to denounce America, (with the help of American companies and their advertising dollars), for her attempts to protect herself, while prosecuting harshly anyone violating similar laws in their own territories. Purely out of a sense of self preservation, Americans must now be fully aware of the companies that promote the destruction of the freedoms and way of life guaranteed by our Constitution, and go out of their way to publicize the lies and anti-American associations of these companies.

The only way a company could continue to do business with someone that expresses such outrageous lies and venom at more than 50% of the companies potential advertisers, is if the company willfully agrees, and hates and denigrates the people being targeted. As you have proven how little regard you have for your fellow Americans, I will not be spending my dollars, nor allow anyone I know to spend their dollars without informing them accurately of your positions. You have every right to spend your advertising dollars with a hate filled bigot to promote your product. I hope there are enough of your fellow hate-filled bigots in the country to support your narrow view of American citizens. I do not believe in censorship. You have the capitalist freedom to succeed or fail, based on your publicized actions. I want companies to proudly and publicly stand behind their true belief, so Americans know who is receiving their hard earned dollars.

I will support none of you.


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