IRS Admission Forces Benghazi From Front Page, Forces…

 …Main Stream Media To (maybe) Do It’s Job!

I would love to say that this is my new article, gleaned from all the formerly hidden facts that I could only find due to the high integrity and hard work of American journalists…I really would love to say it, but I would be lying.

Being the humble person I am, I realize I have no special talents for or aptitude that makes me an above average sleuth or journalist. With just a little effort, I was able to write this article within a week of the Benghazi attacks (1). Over the next few weeks, the American press is going to try and convince you that they are uncovering something, like who Hillary hired to protect our people in Benghazi (2), that any non-low information voter, any fully aware sentient American, has known since the attacks.

The same groups of people have known, and been trying to educate the rest of the populace, of the breadth of the lies and corruption of this Administration. Since the election of this Anti-Constitutionalist in Chief, we have had Government attacks on free speech (3)  and gun ownership (4).

The corruption in “Green” grants and Global Warming scams (5).

These and other scams and failures of transparency as promised have raised the ire and awareness of Americans who care deeply for their country. As these people have tried to coalesce around the answers, they have found each other and formed associations and groups to find the truth and help spread it far and wide, proud of  their views of a strong, honest America.

Of course, obama would have none of it, and brought out every failed, corrupt presidents favorite weapon, the IRS (6).

We didn’t know for sure who these people were, but, because of the corruption of  a Nixonian/Clintonian style IRS (7), we now have a pretty good list of these Patriots.

If anyone wants to know where to donate their hard-earned money for the furtherance of truth, any of the groups on obama’s IRS enemies list would be a good place to start.



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