Dr. Gosnell Couldn’t Have Said It Better!

Progressive Liberal Democrat Representative Elija Cummings had a truly “Have you no shame, sir” moment during the Benghazi hearings (1). Rep. Cummings, a significant roadblock to common sense, was speaking at, (certainly not with), one of the whistleblowers, Gregory Hicks. Mr. Hicks had just spoken eloquently on the events surrounding the unwarranted, unnecessary deaths of his friends.

Cummings insulted our intelligence and downplayed and dismissed the memory of those abandoned by this government to die, telling an emotional Hicks, “Death is a part of life.”

Cummings claimed to have used this fallacy at a relatives funeral in the near past. If that relative was an pro-abortion progressive liberal like himself, that statement may have been right. Because abortion is the only aspect of  death that is “a part of life,” and only to Cummings, his like minded associates, and the murdering Dr. Kermit Gosnell (2). You live, you get an abortion, you go on living. That is the ONLY time “death is a part of life.”

Chocolate is a “part of life.” You live, you eat it, and go on living. Marriage is a “part of life.” You live, you marry, you go on living. Babies are a “part of life.” You live, you create a baby, and go on living. These and millions of other experiences are a legitimate “part of life.”

Death is an absence of life, never a part. It is the end, occurring at the instant life departs. They share nothing. There is no life in death, nor death in life.

Except, of course to Progressive Liberal Democrats. Death is a mainstay of their lives, it gives them their power and drive. That is why it was so easy for Cummings to slice through Mr. Hicks pain with an unfeeling platitude, and Dr. Gosnell to slice through living babies spines with an unfeeling scissor.


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