obama’s Coming American Caliphate

The smokescreen of telling Americans that we have prisons that will hold the terrorists currently incarcerated at GITMO is classic obfuscation from this failed administration. It presents a straw man argument that no one has raised, and claims to answer the (unasked) question of whether they can be held.

Of course they can be held, in almost any cage or dog pound handy. They are not magicians or superhuman beings. They are dirtbag terrorists and killers with no respect for anyone’s lives, including their own.

No, that is not the question.

The real question is this:

“Mr. President once we bring this scum into a prison near one of our cities or towns, how do we protect those communities surrounding the prison from the terrorists you support and pay?”

CAIR and other terrorist organizations will start flooding that town with public and sleeper agents. Guards will start being followed, their families threatened, kidnapped and killed. The guards will be killed in the streets, as the islamists are now doing in other countries. (NOTE THE LACK OF CONDEMNATION FROM ANY MUSLIM ORGANIZATION!)

The first prison used to house these religious fanatics will be the flash point of the coming wars. It is exactly what Ahmadinejad and obama want. The Iranian murderer wants it so it sparks the war for his 12th imam to return. obama wants it so when Americans object and try and fight back, he can continue to protect his brethren while calling Americans racist, and continue his goal of disarming us.

The “right” of his islamist supporters to kill Americans because of their savage religion will continue to be granted.

The muslim heading up the CIA, (John Brennan) will continue to change talking points and hide any information that might stop his brethrens war in America’s streets. The muslim sympathizer in the White House will continue to lie about the deadly “religion of peace” as it attacks and kills Americans, and will jail or otherwise attack and destroy with any means possible all those trying to warn us of, or stop the coming carnage.

The terrorist we face has a name. It is not single, separate cells. It is one entity with a billion arms.

It is islam.

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