Where Are, “WE THE PEOPLE?”

If the polls are correct, there is only one avenue left for the American people to keep America safe, secure and capitalist. As our former Representatives have turned their backs on the will of the people, WE THE PEOPLE must take the reins of Government and pull them into line.

We need to start the amendment process and go directly to the Constitutional “rules of the game” to protect our heritage.

 We need a Constitutional Amendment requiring Americans to show citizenship to register to vote, and show proper, Government issued ID to vote, (not a utility bill or any non-official document).

We need a Constitutional Amendment removing any requirement or permission of the Government to have any say or control over what we and our doctors decide concerning our medical treatment.

We need a Constitutional Amendment  defining the First Amendment. Freedom of Speech means just that. No one has a right to not be offended by the thoughts or words of others. Anyone may voice their offense, and explain their feelings, and rebut the original statement. That is it. No one should be censored to protect anyone else’s “feelings” or “religion”. Short of violence, or calling for it, nothing is disallowed in the universe of ideas. We understand how the world works by allowing those we vehemently disagree with to express themselves honestly, in any public venue. Funerals are not a public venue.
While on the First Amendment, we need to clarify our declaration that any religion is welcome. Unless it infringes on others rights to their own, different religious beliefs.  Therefore, I suggest, “Freedom of any Religion that does not call for the punishment, subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers.”
We need a Constitutional Amendment declaring any citizen of The United States has standing in any courtroom in America to petition for redress against any Government regulation, law, edict or official claiming any authority over that citizen. The thought that a court could censor a citizens rights because they do not “grant” the citizen, (the person giving them their rights, to whom they are responsible for their existence), standing to speak against the very Government born of the rights from that citizen, is repugnant to free people.
We need to define the Second Amendment to state it has nothing to do with hunting, but is specifically there to allow for the personal self defense of the free citizens, and their possible defense of their rights against any unresponsive, out of control, tyrannical Government.
While these seem logical to me, I hope my fellow citizens have their own ideas. After years of disappointment with a no-longer representative government intent on reinterpreting our founding documents against WE THE PEOPLE, we must act.
Our Constitution was written by Honorable Men, and is being bastardized by prostitutes and scumbags until it is unrecognizable.
Where are the Constitutional lawyers? Where is the clamor to fix the problem at it’s root?


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