Part One – You Know A Free America Is Dead When:

1) not one Congressman or Senator, nor any other politician or talking head, had an answer for Progressive Democrat Rep. Jim McDermott, who stated:  “I haven’t heard a single word here about what questions you think we ought to be able to ask you about your tax-exempt request,” concerning the abusive IRS questioning of Conservative groups. The answer of course, is “NOTHING!” Just as any American has the right to open a business, any American has the right to claim what they are to start any government controlled project. The Government, on the other hand, has the right to give the citizens the rules they must follow, and audit them if they think they have done something wrong. Any other answer or attempt to fix this insult to the American tax system is Bull Excrement! No Free American should ever have to prove themselves free and innocent to those that believe they have no basic right to exist.

2) any President continues to support and finance our most deadly enemies around the world with taxpayer funds, and continues to involve us in underdog positions in wars in which we not only have no national interest, but where any American involvement or deaths will bring nothing but unending jihad by the families of the American enemies our President was trying to help. When your enemy is killing thousands of your enemies, let them alone.

That is not to say that if a group pledges freedom and is fighting for American values and freedoms we should not support them fully! Look at how we support the only real inclusive democracy and free peoples in the middle east, the Israelis. The day the Israeli’s start banning other religions or peoples from their streets and governments, we should and will turn our back on them, also.
That IS to say that no country that is not based in a CAPITALIST SYSTEM, a system that was brought more food and freedom to the world than any other ever tried, should ever get a penny from us. Which means of course, we should let the sewer known as Europe to collapse of their own corruption and failures, and, if they realize the error of their ways, help them. If not, let them disappear onto the ash heap of history. If other failed socialists and communist countries want to support Greece and other countries living above their means, let them. We may be allies with socialist countries, and pledge to help them if attacked from without, but if they fail of their own volition due to mismanagement, tough. Change your ways, admit socialism and communism don’t work, and grow.
3) any President grovels and bows to the “international community”, you know, the thugs and dictators that hate us from all over the world, before he can decide what is in America’s best interests.
4) a lying, held-in-contempt of congress racist Attorney General, accomplice to thousands of international murders can stand in front of cameras claiming to fight for every legal American to have their right to vote, while fighting any attempts to prove they are legal Americans when they try and vote.
5) a person with no verifiable links to any American values, a person who holds our Constitution in contempt and proudly admits he would rather rule over American citizens with the powers a murdering Chinese leader terrorizes their subject with, can be elected President…twice.

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