“Obligation to Protect”…Everyone But Americans and Israelis

Is our failed Libyan policy, an “obligation to protect,” about to be repeated in the Middle East?
When this ridiculous, unconstitutional policy was brought about by the UN, and we joined in to attack Libya, (a country that had not attacked us, nor was in imminent danger of doing so), I pointed out that it would lead to the US attacking Israel.(1)
Now that the Middle East has been handed over to the Muslim Brotherhood, (financed by American unions, American taxpayers, Hillary and  President obama),(2), and the President just went behind the world’s back to make a lousy nuclear deal (for America, Israel and the world), with Iran, (a deal which breaks numerous UN declarations and sanctions obama pressed for), is it still so far-fetched?(3)
It seems President obama’s goal is to let enough time go by in fruitless negotiations for Iran to finish their bomb. While making sure they have the money they need.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are making noise about attacking the nuclear sites of obama’s new Iranian friends. (4) The fact that Saudi Arabia is on board with Israel proves two things: one, the threat of Iran is real; two, President obama won’t be satisfied until he alienates every ally we have ever had. (5)
He is determined to destroy any future energy deals from the Middle East, and make sure no other country ever has reason to believe in, or rely on, the actions or words of the United States.
If the Israelis make good on their threats and launch an attack on the nuclear sites in Iran, does anyone doubt obama will use military force against them to stop them? After all, now he can claim an “obligation to protect” the world from Israel “starting” a war.
There is little room in President obama’s world for Israel’s “obligation to protect” herself!(6)(7)
Of course, I could be wrong, but really, would anyone be surprised If I’m right?


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