Death, Diplomacy-Style, OR, “There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Terrorist!”

On 5/11/14, “Fox News Sunday” with Chris Wallace, had as a guest former state department Ambassador to Nigeria, John Campbell. Mr Campbell tried to explain why Hillary Clinton and the State Department fought the terrorist designation for Boko Haram years ago. He did so in an arrogant, disrespectful, tilted head manner that screamed, “do I really have to stoop to speaking to you dolts?’ Seriously, his head was closer to the table than his shoulder was! In his ponderous, slowly paced drone, he proved why diplomacy has never and will never work.

He stated that even after Boko Haram was blowing things up and killing people, the reason the State Department couldn’t designate them a terrorist organization was because if they did, no one would be allowed to speak or deal with them anymore! In other words, even while others die for their failures, they wanted to keep talking to the poor, obviously misunderstood murderous bastards. Their sole reason for allowing this group to flourish was so they could continue to negotiate with the enemy! He said this with the air of a professor who just spread some gem of enlightenment upon skulls full of mush, incredulous that he even had to explain the “flaws” in the designation language.

The thought that you just can’t negotiate with murderous fanatical islamists would never occur to them. Our diplomatic drones hate the military. They would be giving the terrorists tips on how to hold the sword while they were getting their heads cut off, rather than admit what Boko Haram truly is and allow the military to once again clean up their diplomatic failure. The lefts hatred and disdain for our military is the same reason an Al Qaeda offshoot was hired as security for the Benghazi compound, and no security was beefed up when requested.

Unless the US Military is allowed free reign to do what is necessary if they are requested to help in a rescue mission, we should not get involved. Just once I’d like to see an American President tell the world, “Sure, we’ll help you. But only if you tell us what you want done and get out of the way. You better exhaust all other methods before asking for our help, because we will get the job done. Quickly. With as much firepower is necessary to protect American lives. No other safety consideration will be considered.”

The practice of embedding a few Americans with foreign troops under foreign command, and making believe the other country is doing the work, is bull excrement. We all know it, and their ineptitude only prolongs the risks and exposure of our troops to harm.

The American Government has proven they will let our military men sit and rot to die under fire without lifting a finger to help them. Does anybody think our current administration respects our military?

 I believe that like anything else under his control, President obama thinks the military are campaign fodder, bodies to be thrown at missions where there is no American security concerns, killed and used when the polls are right, and lied about when they occur on the wrong date and contrary to their published, phoney agenda.


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