Is Barack Hussein obama A mozlum? Does What He Says Matter?

Barack Hussein obama claims to be a Christian.

Barack Hussein obama claims to be born in United States.

Barack Hussein obama claims:

You can keep your Dr.

You can keep your healthcare plan.

7 million more people with healthcare due top Medicaid expansion,

only 2,000 jobs from Keystone pipeline,

He wasn’t changed on executive action for immigration,

His “JV” claim about ISIS not about ISIS,

He’s doubled distance cars can go on a gallon of gas,

George Bush started “Fast & Furious”,

For more blatant lies from our #EnemyPres, more evidence that we NEVER get the truth from him, more evidence that he in no way represents an America 1st ideology, rather an “Aw, does-there-HAVE-TO-be-an-America” policy, just check:

Someone should point out, just SAY outright to little Georgie Stefanapolous and the rest of the MSM clowns that “to our great dismay, we have to admit that the President is a congenital LIAR, and NOTHING he says can be trusted. It behooves us, in the absence of any reputable evidence that would stand up to the slightest investigation, to never believe a word he says. Where he was born falls into that category, as the fraudulent document he released has been debunked, and would be thrown out of any courtroom as a fraud. Any other questions on the Presidents history of veracity and mendacity? I believe they should be directed to the person responsible for all the confusion and provable lies, President obama!

Is Barack Hussein obama a mozlum? I have no idea. I do know NOTHING he says on the matter is worthy of belief. He’s a congenital, compulsive, unrepentant liar.

What he says does NOT matter.



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