The Media and Our Debates

Sometimes we are so close to a problem, we can’t see the crux. We have a media that dominates our election cycles with extortive tactics.They belittle whatever candidate they don’t like and deny actual debates or citizens ability to decide for themselves. The media, really through no fault of their own, has taken the role of gatekeeper, barring citizens from deciding the candidates. It wasn’t always this way.

We wonder how we can fix this. We bitch and moan when they do what we’ve given them power to do, over the years.

The solution is simple. One look at the cause, and you see where they went from REPORTERS, bringing information to the public on what candidates decide to do, to INTERROGATORS, whose sole purpose is to decide the candidates through scurrilous attacks, and denying access to the public to those THEY deem unworthy!

Technology is the problem, but not modern tech, or even what we consider TO BE tech!

The birth and evolution of television has changed the relationship between citizens, reporters and our candidates. Two different growth tracks have merged into a near hostage situation on our electoral system.

Track A is the miracle of TV. Before TV, candidates actually had to go out on the stump. Trains brought them to Americans, and reporters covered them. Television made them lazy, and gave up control of their message to phony time constraints. Made campaigns much more impersonal. Then TV captured their imagination. Once it was recognized as a political communications tool, it was used, in very polite, respectful and staid manner, to show respectful interviews or ACTUAL debates on REAL issues. Politicians became enamored with going into the studios. It became THE WAY…  Until Watergate.

Track B is the Watergate scandal and how journalism changed. Reporters go to school to learn to destroy, make headlines, change the world. Those that in the past may have been opinion journalists writing stories, became attack dogs for their beliefs, regardless of the truth.

Track A blossomed into Commercial cash machine, and politicians became trapped into the studio for a fortune, (they’ve become professional fundraisers, constantly raising money to pay for TV access), to pay the bills. No money, and the best of candidates would never be heard. Decree from Corporate! Money corrupted everyone and thing.

Track B churned out “journalists” that were really activists, no different from our community activist #EnemyPres obama. They readily moved from from print to TV, infiltrated the Networks and fought against the system from there. Americans love a big headline or tease for the upcoming news! The bigger the scandal they uncover (or make up out of whole cloth) the more viewers!

Where once, political shows and events were financial losers, (basically Public Service Announcements), gotcha activists and personality journalists changed that. Their screaming accusations and gutter dwelling yellow journalism broadcast into our houses, by the now omnipresent TV screen, has an attraction, like slowing to see a car crash! Their ratings grew, they hired more attackers, devoted more shows, and then whole NETWORKS, to attack politics. Some of them are still reporting, but most are trying to get awards for taking out the next politician the people want.Today, this has made our Primary system the equivalent of a televised Enquirer. Disrespectful attacks, disregard for actual debate format.

There are two solutions, one for old tech, and one for the new growing miracle.

Old Tech: We can taken control of this any time. Just takes getting word out, pushing legislators. It would work, but it would take more time than the NEW tech solution! “Take Back Our Airways!” (please cut and paste link)

New Tech: Can start tomorrow, cost almost nothing, takes ALL control and MONEY from media. Gives 24 hour access to Candidates statements and real debates, without MSM filter, opinion or censorship. “A Simple Solution to Our Debates” (Please cut and paste link)

I prefer the New Tech, as it puts TOTAL control in hands of candidates and people.

There is no regulation, rule or constitutional edict giving the media this control. We did it, willingly. Without cutting the tracks that create and fund the Corporate money train, we are forever doomed to hear only what MSM wants. We deserve a better return for OUR Public airways being used to demean and belittle the American process.

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