“Asian” Grooming Gang Charged in Britain…Really? “Asian?” NO! islam!

Save time. islam raped them. islam “gang.” Not isisalqaedabokoharamabuwhateverplohamastalibanetcetcetc!
islam raped them because the filthy death-cult manual koran said they could. islam is killing worldwide, not some “gangs” or “groups”!
Stop the PC stupidity. Stop allowing them to divert attention with stupid names of different factions.
islam is the enemy of civilization.
islam want us dead.
islam will rape and disfigure women with acid time and time again, because no one, especially British, Swedish, French and German men, no longer care if their wives and daughters are raped and disfigured.
If they did, they would take to streets at night, killing as many islam as possible, piling up the bodies, (on sidewalks, don’t block the streets for workers), till islam gets the message.
They would be pushing them off THEIR streets when islam takes over in a huge middle finger to them all and blocks traffic on Fridays, out of sheer arrogance and superiority, promoted by EU leaders.
islam is the worlds leading problem. Without islam, 95% of wars and conflicts worldwide would disappear.
islam did it, and will continue to do it because our globalist leaders want us dead.
islam. Don’t forget. Only name necessary where atrocities occur.
islam means “submission,” and will assault, rape, murder, burn, behead, throw off roofs any not believing.
islam. The stuff your leaders are forcibly teaching your children, so they can behead you for them.
Happy Easter!

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