“Violence by WHOM?” / DEM:”They’re Almost As Bad As US”

Posted by realetybytes on Wednesday, April 07, 2010 11:36:13 AM

Passing thoughts on a couple of this weeks news items:
After years of complaining about the possible incitment of violence by conservatives or the “racist” Tea Partiers, (remember poor Pelosi on the brink of tears due to the past deadly fanatical violence in her city?…yet failing to point out it was a left-wing fanatic perpetrator?),  the only ACTUAL violence at any of the recent demonstrations were the proud, ( very,very few), Harry Reid supporters. Union members, of course. When liberals want to terrorize people into silence, you can count on the local corrupt union to lead the way. Not to mention their filing a blatantly false police report, attempting to deprive a law-abiding citizen, with whom they disagree politically, of his freedom.
Unions, don’t ya love ’em?
Then there is the case of the two-term Democratic Congressman Cohen from TN. My, how proud they must be of him back home! In his attempt to plumb the depths, (in this case, the shallows), of his mind to find the most vile, contemptable, reprehensible groups or people to compare to the Tea Party, this Democrat comes up with…wait for it…FELLOW DEMOCRATS: the KKK and George Wallace!
(The KKK was a Democrat organization, and, the Democrat party itself was formed to preserve and expand slavery.)
“Drenched in Blood of Slavery”  by Roger Hedgecock at http://www.wnd.com/index.php?pageId=101760. A great history lesson that has been purposely hidden.
We need to throw all these pompous, lying fools out this election cycle. Both parties. The best way to let them know they can’t get away with this is to fire them all.

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