Another Reason I’m Glad I Abandoned MLB After The Strike

Posted by realetybytes on Thursday, April 29, 2010 8:24:36 PM

70+% of LEGAL Arizonans voted for or support the new Anti-ILLEGAL immigrant law.
Because the LEGAL citizens of Arizona have had the temerity to tell hordes of invaders that they are no longer welcome, that they are no longer free to financially deplete the states medical, educational and incarceration funds, or continue to create their extremely violent and lawless subculture which feeds on the LEGAL citizens, MLB appears to be ready to stand with the criminals and thugs, against the rights and freedom of the American citizens LEGAL rights of self defense, self preservation, and their right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
An ABC News article says MLB is considering cancelling opening day in Arizona, because 40% of the players are Latino…

Having cut MLB out of my life when the greedy union thugs cancelled the World Series, (it was easier then quitting smoking, no withdrawal, just a growing disdain and scorn), I wanted to address the anti-American thugs, in and out of MLB, pushing for the boycott:

If 40% of the players are racists willing to protect and assist criminals while disrespecting the laws of the nation they live in, then we Americans should show our support by cancelling any and all contact with MLB, and all of its affiliates and associates.
The will and rights of American citizens, both natural and those that immigrated LEGALLY, (across the country, more then 70% want the ILLEGALS out of the country), should weigh heavier then that of the the ILLEGALS, who take jobs from LEGAL immigrants, after the LEGALS have waited years to come here, at great expense, and assimilate into American society.
White men are not the only people being denied jobs due to ILLEGALS. New LEGAL citizens, who need and want the same jobs being stolen by the ILLEGALS, need to tke care of their LEGAL families, to give them the American future they now richly deserve.
Pick your favorite solution:
1)There SHOULD be a general amnesty, every 5 years. For the next five years, jail everyone caught crossing or here ILLEGALLY. No parole. After 5 years, declare an amnesty and release them in Mexico. Repeat every 5 years as necessary.
2)Confiscate 20% of all monies crossing the border to Mexico, to pay 5% each for “pool” type medical and car insurance policies and the education and incarceration costs the ILLEGALS incur.
3)Better yet, just pass a very fair law stating that “citizens of any country, while here in America ILLEGALLY, who incur, in any way, any costs from the state, or who fall ill and need treatment, or who need to educate their children, shall have the same rights and shall be treated the same as any American citizen in the ILLEGALS home country, under the same circumstances, would be treated”.
4)My favorite, overthrow the corrupt Mexican government and save the billions in graft the retiring presidents flee with, give all Mexicans a yearly check for the oil sales, and make Mexico the 51st state.
Capitalism would make the territory explode with infrastructure jobs and money. Start capital and corporate gains taxes at zero, with a 1/2% increase over twenty years, to a maximum of 10%.
Americans from the other 50 states would be moving there to work!(of course, we would have to kill many, many drug dealers and others that currently control Mexico).
Controlling the southern border after that would be a simple matter. 

Ron Reale

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