An Open Letter To The White House: LA Oil Spill Proves Obama Incompetent, Ignorant

Posted by realetybytes on Saturday, May 01, 2010 4:53:03 PM

This is the text of a message I sent today, by fax and e-mail, to the community organizer, (with no other skills but racial, divisive politics), in the White House.
So Mr.Obama, after 8 days of nothing, sends the Justice Dept. lawyers to LA, and goes on TV to tell us how BP is legally responsible, in the end.
I feel much better, don’t you?
Our president, (small p deserved), is waiting while the company that had the problem tries to solve it, as our country is threatened by this disaster.
A real President would, on the basis of National Security, by Executive Order, hire the ten top companies in the world that handle this type of energency, use the military to immediately relocate them and all the equipment they might possibly need and assist them in any way they need to seal the well. If BP wants to help, fine, if they get in the way, jail them. When the job is done, pay the companies we hired and bill BP.
As soon as the companies are hired to seal the well, call the top 100 companies that clean up industrial accidents and likewise relocate them and their equipment immediately to the area. Start hiring people from the unemployment lines, at 25$ an hour with full benefits, to assist the 100 companies in soaking up the oil, and cleaning up in general.  Have the military start setting up tent cities for the workers to stay in. Hire trucking companies to send equipment to take the oil soaked sand, rags, or whatever is used to clean up the shoreline, away to have the oil separated and the sand and dirt returned. Bill BP for every penny of expenses.
A real President would be pro-actively stopping this, as a capitalist, by paying for the repairs NOW, instead of sitting and waiting for BP to maybe get around to it.
Mr. president, lawsuits are for after the disaster is stopped. Your lawyer cronies will make their money, can’t you make an attempt to put  the country first, for once?
Ron Reale

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