Environmentalists DID Cause The BP Oil Leak!

 Posted by realetybytes on Wednesday, May 05, 2010 4:18:12 PM

Anyone complaining about the oil spill should realize that the only reason the oil companies drill 5 miles off shore is due to the lies and propaganda of the fanatical environmentalists and their corrupt bought-and-paid for friends in the Congress. Environmentalists like to complain about what may happen 100 years from now, so no one can argue with them. They don’t like to look long term when it does not fit their radical agenda. 
Take the oil spill in 1969 off the California coast. Is the oil still there? Is the coastline uninhabitable? How about the Exxon Valdez? Is that area still destroyed? Have not most of the species returned? In this short time span?
Oil is a natural product of the earth, and long-term, cleans itself up.
The radical environmentalist green groups, where most of the communists, (Van Jones), went when the USSR collapsed,  in their attempt to stifle progress and destroy American superiority, used alarmist propaganda to get the oil rich areas of the US declared off-limits to drilling. 
Shipping the oil in huge freighters and drilling at sea is much more dangerous to the environment then drilling on shore.
Although there is no area they can point to, long term, and prove the destruction they claim occurs from drilling, we still have to go miles out to sea for the oil we need to secure our countries security.
Unfortunately, our countries security is the last thing on the mind of the radical environmentalists and their progressive liberal friends in the Government.
When we can get a license to hunt radical environmentalists until they are extinct, (or, at the very least, make them prove their lies, like global warming, with more then computer models that do not work unless they jimmie the numbers), this country will be safer.
Long term, Robert Kennedy, Jr., (someone should tell him his father is dead, he can drop the “junior”…oh, wait, then he wouldn’t exist), is more dangerous to the United States superiority and survival then Bin Laden.

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Can you possibly not understand something so simple? Do you think they are out there in the ocean because that is where they think the oil is, or because they have been forced from the mainland, with no cause, to such extremes?
    There has never been a reason, other then the lefts blind hatred of American progress and sovereignty, to force oil companies to the positions they are in today.

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