Barack Hussein Chavez

Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, May 09, 2010 1:18:44 PM

Barack Chavez is going around the world bemoaning the fact that we have a free press, and the facts that come from it.
Barack Chavez is upset that people can actually prove he is lying, and point out his corrupt anti-Americanism, and his attacks on freedom and the free market.
He is laying the groundwork to take over all media.
He just grabbed control of the internet, making it a “public utility”.
At every breath he attacks the only network that does not parrot his every word, Fox News, (you would think his stomach would be full, what with all the other networks sticking their heads up his rectum, but no, he evidently still has room up there).
Neither he, nor his paid union thugs and press buffoons, ever point to factual errors, or try to debate the points made, they just attack, and say “no one should listen”, (to what he is trying to hide and what we know is true).
Barack Chavez is going to divide the country by granting amnesty to anti-American Mexicans who are trying to claim lands they have no right to, because they will vote for him, and help him turn America into a socialist sewer like Mexico and Greece.
Do we need legal immigrants…of course! My grandparents signed the book at Ellis Island, and it took my grandmother 5 times before she was allowed in!
We do need to form a workers permit of some sort, but it should not be given to people who pick and choose what laws they will obey.
Come in legally, and welcome. Break in, nothing for you but jail and deportation.
If you see all these people at the Mexican rallies, they will not concede that without the American flag they so disrespect and revile, the American flag that protects them yet drives them to violence at its sight, they would not have the freedom to protest in the streets of America.
No foreigners may protest or get involved in politics in Mexico, they’ll jail or deport you.
The communists in the American Workers Party and all the others driving the illegals protests are also using unions to destroy the fabric of America, from our borders to our economic system.
We need to dry up the funds of his thug union supporters, like the lying CEO of GM, who just spent a fortune in ads to say how stupid he thinks Americans are.
He actually thinks that by lying to the American public about “repaying GMs loans”, people will go back to GM. This man should be jailed for his lies. GM has not paid back ONE PENNY of our money. They paid part of one loan with the citizens money from another loan of citizens money.
They did not pay anything with money they produced, because they are still losing money, hand over fist! That is not what the lying CEO implied.
GM is now run by union thugs, having been stolen, courtesy of the Thief-In-Chief, Barack Hussein Chavez.
Did anyone notice how helpful the unions have been during this financial crisis? The UAW? The teachers unions? The public workers unions, (what an oxymoron)? 
They have not given up one dime of their corrupt pay and pension plans. They would rather kill people and bring the country down, just like Greece, then help fix it.
Look at who is bankrolling their riots, it is the American Workers Party, (communists) and other groups trying to finally destroy America. The AFL-CIO decided to overturn the rules keeping communists out. WHY?
Because if one of them can be president, one of them can join the AFL-CIO.
REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER, vote every one of them out, and the same in 2012.
If you support unions, you support Americas demise.
Ron Reale

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