New Laws Delayed Implementation

Posted by realetybytes on Sunday, May 09, 2010 3:16:58 PM

In order to keep this, and future Governments, from abusing the citizenry in the manner we have just witnessed with the Health Care Debacle, I make this suggestion.
Any law that is passed may not go into effect for one full election cycle, (Congressional, then Presidential). Not one dime may be spent, office rented or “board coordinated”. 
If it is a good law, well fine, it will go into effect as scheduled.
If it is a rotten piece of corruption, like the Health Care Debacle is, or the amnesty bill will be, this delay would keep the corrupt people who voted for it from benefiting immediately, and allow the citizens to use their votes to correct the law and punish the bought-and-paid for Congress and president, (little p for current occupant) responsible.
If the Representatives were actually working in that capacity, and truely representing the wishes of the people, they would be rewarded with re-election,  and the bill would be implemented.
Emergency bills, would undergo fast tracking, with strict oversight and transparency.
As it stands now, and has gone into overdrive since  Barack Hussein Chavez the socialist was elected, so-called representatives who dismiss the wishes of their constituancy can inflict major damage to our country before we have a chance to throw them out and repeal the bill.
Even repealing the bill might not dismantle boards and regulations already created. 
Amnesty, for example, could not be used as a political tool this year, to keep the democrats in power. The new citizens would have at least 4 years before they could vote, and I doubt anyone that tried to push it would be around after the full election cycle.

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