America Speaking Out – A GOP Scam

I was amazed when I went to this site, which, theoretically, is a great idea, and the following post was refused and deemed “inappropriate“!

If you stop all government hiring, the unions would eventually wither away.
Turn all government positions into part-time, “continuing education” courses for students and recent grads. The government trained them, let them hone their skills running the government for 4 years.
All positions would be minimum wage jobs, with incentive based performance bonuses, (just like the private sector).
Put a four year time limit on all positions, ending public pensions. Every year, the budget would shrink through attrition as the current workers retire and are replaced.
No unions allowed, they would still be considered students, learning how to survive in a capitalist system, and getting references for their next position, like a report card.
Health care would be provided for all those not otherwise covered, (by parents policy or other policies).
Hire private companies to do anything the government needs, on a temporary basis. Let private companies pay pensions. If the position you need exists in the private sector, they get the job. It is time for government to stop competing with the private sector, instead start using the peoples tax dollars to build up the private sector, putting the tax money back to work building up the economy.
Thank You, and keep up the great work,

Ron Reale
Am I missing something? Does anyone see anything here that is “inappropriate”? Obviously, they are not serious about ideas to shrink the government, because I have yet to meet anyone who did not think there was SOME merit to this idea. As usual, another scam to make us think they care about us, or are going to change their bloated pensions and corrupt union wages or jobs for life.
Vote them all out, show them WE have the ultimate power.

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