In this Dream I had a Gun To My Head, And Had To Answer…

…one Question:

Who should run the government in 2012?

PRESIDENT: Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter

VICE PRES: All of above, plus Condoleeza Rice, Peter King, Dennis Miller, Ann Coulter

Sec. of State: John Voight, Peter King,  JC Watts, John Bolton, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter

Sec. of Defense: All of above, plus Fred Thompson, Bruce Willis, Ann Coulter

Sec. of Education: Glenn Beck, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Dennis Miller, (you get a degree for knowing all of the arcane references he uses in a 4 hour period)

Sec.of Treasury: Paul Ryan, Ron Paul, Walter Williams, Chris Christie

Sec.of Interior: Sarah Palin, Chuck Norris

Head of the Federal Reserve: Ron Paul, Chris Christie

Pres. Spokesperson: Dennis Miller, Walter Williams, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter

At this point in the dream, the obviously liberal, (he believed in stealing others money, what else could he be?), criminal turned the gun on himself, and the pleasent sound of his head exploding woke me before I could finish. As you can see, many of these people and positions are interchangeable. They are multi-talented, and could cover most of the positions, at least long enough to shut them down. (Dept. of Ed, the Fed).

Ron Reale

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  3. Rosalinda Androde /

    Glen Beck is ridiculous even so, he has got a lot of nerve standing up and spreading his beliefs with the globe. I appreciate Glenn, thank you for the wonderful posting.

  4. admin / Post Author

    Thank you for your kind comments.
    I WAS impressed with Chris Christie, until I found out the truth about this RINO. He is an obama clone, wants gun control and is for cap and trade. I hope he does well for NJ, but I would never support him in a million years, and will actively work to get the truth about this latest lying Rino to all who will listen.

  5. Whey Protein Isolate /

    Hi, interesting write-up. I love Governor Christie! He tells the truth – and is almost always right, even if his rhetoric isn’t what people want to hear. I’m excited to watch Christie’s political future and how far he gets. I hope he stays true to his ideals and keeps being honest. Anyhow… nice site… I’m subscribed to your RSS feed now so thanks again!

  6. lake havasu city weather temperatures /

    I think this government #needs to# go and let’s #get back# on way. I Worship this country!

  7. admin / Post Author

    People in America aren’t looking forward to David Letterman’s memoir. They’re already calling it, “The Book Some Has-Been Misogynist Thought People Cared About.”-
    Ron Reale

  8. conservative internet radio /

    “People in Alaska are looking forward to Sarah Palin’s memoir. They’re already calling it ‘The Book to Nowhere.'” –David Letterman

  9. Iola Linero /

    Can you believe this Obama to India trip?? Well folks. This is your tax money going to waste right here. When the trip is going to cost 2 billion. I can hardly believe it.

  10. admin / Post Author

    No one said he shouldn’t go to India, it is his job to represent us internationally. The slap in the face is the ostentatious opulence in which he travels. The world knows we are broke, our dollar is falling faster then his approval ratings. Germany, China and Russia are actively protesting our destruction of the world economy through our printing of money from thin air, yet obama is spending a BILLION dollars on a trip. I don’t know what you call arrogance of that scale, letting the world, from whom you are borrowing money, see you wasting a BILLION dollars. I call it a slap in the face of every American who will be forced to pay for this travesty, not to mention the interest and inflation he is causing by printing worthless paper, causing world markets too react. Seen the price of a barrel of oil lately? Research the Weimar Republic. They also thought they could by their own debt with phony money, and it caused catastrophic inflation. This mans treasury head and appointed fed chairman both testified under oath they would never “monetize” our debt. They, like obama, lied. The world knows we are about to collapse the world economy with our dangerous policies, yet he travels with the largest entourage in history, spending money we do not have. He is an insult to the intelligence of the world.
    On another point, do you think you could reach a level of intelligence where it is not necessary to insult people you do not know, just because you do not agree with them? Do you have no faith in your actual argument? Do you think insulting people and calling them names makes you look intelligent?
    If you cannot put together a cogent point to argue without demeaning yourself with sophomoric insults, you would be better off remembering Mark Twain, who said, ” It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt.” Smart guy.
    Be well

  11. Dione Vijil /

    You right wing d u n c es don’t yet get that India is no longer a backwater, it is a force to be reckoned with (IT guys: where have your jobs gone?). They are as deserving of a top-flight summit as Russia or China are. By starting the good-will train early, we help ensure that India links with us, as opposed to Europe (read: Russia) or China.

  12. admin / Post Author

    It’s not a joke, it is a slap in the face of every American.

  13. Mark Prevatt /

    Obama’s trip to India is a joke. The American People should be very worried right about now….!!

  14. admin / Post Author

    I’m always glad to supply a good laugh, the world needs more of it! BTW, the “idiot” Palin DID run, and almost got the progressive liberal McCain elected. She will run again, and if she could convince Condoleeza Rice to be her VP, it would be a walk.
    Attack Beck all you want, but I would rather hear you dispute his facts about the dangers of progressives, from teddy roosevelt, who wanted to breed a perfect race, (where have we heard that before?), or how history is rewritten to hide the evils of these people, like Wilson, the racist who re-segregated the armed forces and fired every black government worker as soon as he was elected.
    You are one of the name callers who can’t say why someone is wrong, but want the sheer power of you BDS and hatred for anyone who disagrees to carry the argument.
    A little childish.
    Any one of the people on my list knows more about capitalism than any of the chicago, harvard, socialist America-haters in the white house.
    Please feel free to have someone read you the rest of my humorous works, and comment again. If you can come up with a cogent argument, I might engage you in a real dialogue.
    Be well, don’t forget to take your medicine,
    your favorite “moron”,
    Ron Reale

  15. Joshua Briggs /

    You are an absolute moron! Glenn Beck as Sec. of Education? Rush Limbaugh for Sec. of State? Sarah Palin as President? Ann Coulter? Ted Nugent? Are there any other talkers you would like to nominate?

    This is why we have elections in this country. So no one comes to YOU and asks who you want. Many of these guys you listed only say what they say to get ratings. Beck, for instance, has admitted several times to not really believing half the shit he talks about. He was a Q-Zoo format radio DJ for crying out loud. He once called up his former best friends wife, on air, and told her “Your husband can’t do anything right. He can’t even make a baby!” after she had a miscarriage.

    There is a reason why these idiots don’t run. I am talking about Palin, Beck, Rush, Hannity and whoever else you want to throw in there. They like the millions they make from you eating up everything they say. Do you think they would give up their money empire to become President or any Sec. position?

    I can’t wait to read the rest of your postings. They make me laugh…

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