General McChrystal, Thank You For Your Service

Some blogger on Politico posted Article 88, apparently covering insubordination, meeting the definition of General McChrystals statements concerning his Commander-in-Chief , (Obama), and Obamas’ advisors, (the clown, I mean Jim Jones, and everybodies favorite fool, Joe Biden). His implication was that McChrystal should be court-martialed. I posted this response:

The good General should show up at the White House, tender his resignation, and walk out, head held high.

I am tired of people apologizing for telling the truth.

 Joe Wilson was right, Obama IS a liar.

Joe Barton was right, it WAS an embarrassing, illegal shakedown of a company already committed to following the law, putting 20 billion dollars in the hands of Obama and his cronies.

I hope the General is an honorable man. If court-martialed, he should accept the decision with honor.

To do otherwise would disgrace his past more-than-extraordinary service, and that would be a shame.

Ron Reale

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  1. admin / Post Author

    I read everything I can find, I use ”” as my homepage, it links to articles and authors all over the world from all political backgrounds. Rush, Glenn Beck, Bill o’Reilly all offer great opportunities to have debates over issues. Fox news channel has the most balance in their news department, always offer bth sides. (I’m not talking about their opinion shows, I mean their 6 pm news show is by-far the best on tv. Watch for 1 week and tell me that is not true.
    Most important, never believe anything you read until you do your own research and verify it! Including my site. I have been mislead before, and I’m sure I will screw up in the future. TRUST NO ONE! Do your own research before you make up your mind on an issue.
    Good Luck, and thanks for the interest,

  2. admin / Post Author

    Taken in context, after a careful reading, the most damaging remarks were not attributed to McChrystal. In any event, Obama will wait for orders from his bosses, Soros and Podesta, then do what he is told. Be assured, this decision, like everything else Soros orders through his puppet Obama, will not be what is best for the nation.

  3. Teddy Loxton /

    General Stanley McChrystal’s sneering criticism of the Obama administration’s lead officials has left the president a extreme decision: overlook remarks that border on rebellion, or terminate his lead commanding officer at a important moment in Afghanistan. I wouldn’t want to be in Obama’s place right now, even if these two men are gathering now to talk it through. Most stupid to make public destructive remarks about your boss like that though.

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