Relativity and Obamas Border Policy

THE ONE and his minions have been everywhere of late, spreading the good news! The southern United States border is more secure now then it has ever been!

Lets go home, nothing to see here.

Notwithstanding the fact that Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital of the world, we should be happy with the current state of affairs.

Personally, I think putting 1/6 of the men then what was requested on the AZ border will have as much a chance of changing the current situation as deciding to be lenient by throwing someone out a tenth floor window instead of twentieth floor window, and expecting the throwee to be grateful for the change.

Ron Reale

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  1. admin / Post Author

    Tell me what it said that you liked, and I’ll believe you’re not just some spam machine.

  2. admin / Post Author

    It certainly is illegal to be in the US without the proper papers, here is a link.

    The poverty problem in Mexico will never change if we continue to subsidize their criminal government. Their last couple of presidents retired as Billionaires, one in Ireland to avoid deportation. Close the border, mine the land, and keep the criminals home until they are ready for an armed revolt to change their government, then give them all the help they need to get rid if the thieves, and start using their oil money to put them to work in their own country building an infrastructure.
    When they make their territory investor friendly, or, better yet, become the 51st state, we can build factories and hotels and everything else they need to grow a capitalist society. It is not the job of hard working capitalist Americans to support failed socialist policies, (which is why the current crop of progressives will be replaced soon).
    We have no responsibility to cut our own throats by supporting all of these leeches. Americans are hurting, and Mexican thieves come here and get a fortune in social services for each kid they drop. Enough is enough.
    I agree, and I actually have a whole policy written out further down my blog, under the heading, “Honest and Logical Border Reform”.
    Check that out, and you will find we agree more than not. I bet you will not find it “irrational” at all. I appreciate your comment, and look forward to hearing from you again.
    Ron Reale

  3. Joshua Briggs /

    The kidnapping capital of the world is not Phoenix. Your facts are incorrect my Conservative friend. You can try to flavor your water however you like, but facts are facts. When ABC news first ran this report, they stated Phoenix was 2nd in the world to Mexico City with respect to DRUG-CARTEL RELATED ABDUCTIONS. I have since found several sites that state that number is inaccurate. Columbia comes up the most at #2.

    I figured you and your Conservative buddies wouldn’t mind the kidnapping rates being so high. 90% of them were kidnappings that involved unauthorized immigrants. Notice I didn’t say illegal since it isn’t against US Law to be here without being a citizen. They don’t become illegal until they actually commit a crime, like using fraudulent documents.

    You can try to scare people all you want into thinking like you guys, but you will fail in the end. I was in the Navy and have sailed all over the world. In my travels, I have seen true poverty like the average Mexican deals with. Can you blame them for trying to find a way out. If I lived down there, me and my kids would do everything possible to get here.

    Instead of scaring people so they make irrational decisions about immigration, why don’t you try to shoot it straight. Anyone with intelligence can see what the real solution to this is. You must go after these piece of shit employers who do everything they can to hire immigrants so they can keep labor down and profit up. They are actually breaking the law, not the immigrants. If there is no jobs, they will not come. Stop protecting your Capitalist buddies and start throwing around ideas that will work.

    Conservatives ‘fear mongering’ will fail in the end.

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