islamophobia- You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means…

islamophobe definition: Anyone smart enough to realize that islam is NOT a religion, but a political system dependent on the barbaric sharia, which uses intimidation, violence and beheadings to force everyone into submission, (islam does not mean “peace”, it means “submission”). It is diametrically opposed to freedom, and is a threat to the existence of the United States.

Americans have a right to protest peacefully about anything. We put up with Flag burners, artists who desecrate Christian symbols, KKK protests in the street and more. We have a God-given right to offend and be offended. Burning a bible or a koran wouldn’t turn most peoples head here. It may anger them as they pass the protester while on the way to the mall, but Americans don’t run home and start sharpening their cutlery.

Seventh century savages born and trapped into the political system known as islam, who are killed should they decide to change faith, are another story.

They demand tolerance, yet are the most intolerant people in the world, killing anyone that disagrees with them. Fatwas, or death penalties, are announced by imams and ayatollahs regularly, calling on muslims to kill those that commit the slightest offense against this backward dictatorship, even if it means a suicide mission for their followers. The imams and ayatollahs stay comfortably at home while this goes on, leaving uneducated fanatics to die for them, on the promise of 72 virgins in the afterlife.

They are misogynists who consider women to be of less value then animals.

islamic jihad is the group that declared war on the United States as soon as we became a country, killing and kidnapping our sailors, forcing them into slavery and demanding tribute to sail the seas safely. The Marines, (called “Leathernecks” because of the stiff leather collars protecting their necks from the swords utilized by most armies of the time), were utilized by President Jefferson, who said, “Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute”.

They wish to implement sharia in the US, (as the imam at ground zero demands), and we actually have traitorous ignorami in our government,  our courts and our media, who support the idea.

When they say, “islam is a religion of peace”, they mean that after they have subjugated, forcibly converted or killed all non-muslims, there will be peace.

When cartoons of the pedophile mohammed were published around the world, these savages rioted and killed people in every country but America. They are cowards, who knew a free, armed populace in America would have dramatically reduced the number of muslims in the world, had they tried that excrement  here. How does that part of sharia  hold up to our freedom of speech? We have a President, other politicians and a war hero General, (Petraeus), telling us to throw out freedom of speech because these backward savages might kill Americans in protest of what they or other Americans say.

The General, for whom up to now I have had tremendous respect, should take off the uniform if he no longer wishes to defend our Constitution.

Voters will sweep out the appeasers in our government. When the up-to-now-invisible so-called moderate peaceful muslims protest, protect their rights and celebrate their foray into free speech. When any become violent, kill them until there are no more willing to throw a stone. They must be made to pay a price for their savagery, or we might as well convert to islam tomorrow, because they will not stop flying planes into buildings or beheading innocents until we do.

Every American should arm themselves, and go burn a koran. When the fanatics come for violence, give it to them. We are Americans, no one tells us what we can or cannot do or say.

We need to amend our Constitution to read, “Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers.” Give them six months to leave, and burn down all their mosques, grind the stones to sand, and ship it all back to their desert paradise.

I am a proud islamophobe, communistophobe, marxistophobe, socialistophobe, pedophileophobe, misogynistophobe, and anything-else-that-is-out-to destroy-America-ophobe, including obamaophobe.
Ron Reale

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  5. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I know this is a spam reply, because it does not address the article, but I wanted it out to see what the obamabots are doing, spreading ignorance in defense of obama, because we all know, George Bush did it.
    They refuse to see the tripling and more of our debt, the solidifying of Americans against Americans in the form of corrupt unions being forced into our workplaces, and the and unconstitutionality of his every action. Bush at least respected Congress enough to seek congressional approval before killing people in foreign nations, like Libya and Mexico. Bush did not go around the world, and from foreign soil, denigrate America. Bush has not spoken of his disdain for our Constitution.
    Nobody doubts Bush had Americas best interests at heart, as opposed to obama, who is actively destroying our country, and business’s, while making energy rates, “necessarily skyrocket”.
    No, anyone not able to see that obama has already crippled America and is working to destroy her security and that of her allies, doesn’t want to see through their Partisan Hack glasses.

  6. Lorena Schreffler /

    I dont see how Mr. Obama could possibly do more damage to our Republic and the Constitution, than George W. Bushs Junta has (short of declaring Martial Law). Remember, if we hadnt had that Neocon, conservative pretender, we would still have the House, and Senate. Neither would we be discussing President Barrack Obama, for he would still be the Marxist, junior Senator from Illinois.

  7. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I really could not said it better myself…actually, I could not say THAT at all!

  8. קרנות המדינה /

    היי שמעתם על אתר עם הסדרי חובות לחברות, הפחתה ענקית בהוצאות המימון, מתן סוגי האשראי לצורכי העסק והכול במינימום מתן בטחונות.

  9. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Islam is a misogynistic cult, with no respect at all for women. It teaches women to be a piece of furniture, or a cow. Hide yourself, and accept his other wives and beastiality with farm animals as normal.

  10. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Islam is the most anti-women, misogynist cult in existence, and if the women trapped within it would stand up for their rights, and stop allowing multiple wives and beastiality y their fanatical “husbands”, there might be some hope.
    As it stands now, muslim women are no different from the family cow, and have less rights!
    The cult that is islam should be banned in all civilized nations, as we will have to go to war with it eventually to secure freedom.
    The first amendment should be amended to read, “Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers”.

  11. SettimoLucciano /

    More then 12 Million Muslims are in USA and around 100 conversions are happening monthly in USA, PLEASE CHECK YOU-TUBE for Muslims conversions in USA. This is so as Islam gives a message of Peace. Islam teaches respect for women.  

  12. Ron Reale / Post Author

    There are a multitude of candidates with the experience and skill for the job, but only two come immediately to mind when you talk moral conviction: Col. Allan West and Sarah Palin. You could probably throw Bobby Jindal in there.
    We, as a country, need to get past the good-ole-boy John Wayne the good guy attitude,and start playing by the rules of the game! Trying to stay above it all, because we should be better than them, is a great slogan for a headstone, but it will not kick the ass that needs kickin’. Our “moral conviction” has got to allow for us to be as underhanded as necessary to protect the country, no apologies and no exceptions. Political correctness across the board must be extracted from our lexicon, and, as the leaders of Germany, England, France and Australia have recently stated, multiculturalism does not work, cannot work, will never work and must be ended. We need a leader that can lead America back to the greatness we always have been.

  13. Justin Lee /

    I am greately anxious about the upcoming election. When I think about what is occuring in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East (not to mention the U.S. economy) we sure need a superior leader. I’m not at all convinced that President Obama or any of the Republican challengers so far have the experience or skills necessary to do the job the way it needs to be done. Being president of this country is an immensely difficult job. Do you think there is someone out there with the experience, skill, and moral conviction to do the job?

  14. admin / Post Author

    “Thanks to the Rush Limbaugh wannabees this stuff is sometimes taken as fact”.
    So I guess you are prepared to tell me what, about, “this stuff”, is non-factual? I will print any corrections necessary, have at it. Or are you another anonymous coward just smearing an intellectual conservative because you have no cogent argument with which to combat Rush?
    C’mon, print the non-factual, I’ll print it.

  15. Kendall Ceronsky /

    Thanks to the Rush Limbaugh wannabees this stuff is sometimes taken as fact.

  16. admin / Post Author

    I appreciate your remarks. I understand your feelings about burning the koran, but considering what it contains and advocates, I would say it is the RESPONSIBILITY of every free person in the world to destroy every koran in existence, so the future generations of peoples will not be subjugated and destroyed by it’s evil message.

    We ARE better than them, and destroying that book will save many peoples from lives of abject poverty, misery and slavery. I especially like the part where it says that they can have sex with animals, but they cannot then sell those animals, in their village. They can sell them in the surrounding villages, just not their village!

    Arming oneself, in America, should be like breathing, everyone should do it. I come from a police family, and as far as I’m concerned, the police should be disbanded. All citizens should do a year in the military with extensive weapons training, and allowed to carry openly, like the police do now. Having an armed force patrolling the streets, minutes away when seconds count, is ineffective and serves no purpose but to see that no crimes get solved, no criminals pay the ultimate price, and honest citizens live in fear.
    Does anybody think there would be less fires if firemen occupied our streets in the same way, spending a fortune on cars, helicopters and planes?
    Let us protect ourselves, and the recidivism problem disappears overnight.
    We are the only thing stopping the one world order…a free, armed populace. We need to make sure the world understands what they are up against, and training all citizens is the answer.
    As to the great Allen West! I love him, would vote for him in a second, but I think he needs to make a record first. I want to make sure he isn’t another rino like Chris Christie, who is making a great splash against unions, but not to help us! He is a lying cap and trade rino, who just wants more money to help obama. I need to be sure before sending a junior senator with no record to the White House. We did that, look where we are now!
    I know I went all over the map, but I really do appreciate your comment, and I hope to hear your thoughts on my other posts.
    As to frying Chris Matthews brain, I try to stay away from hypothetical exercises, so I can’t comment as to whether one even exists, let alone how to fry it.
    Be well,

  17. Old Floridian /

    I agree with about 90-95 percent of your rage. The part about arming oneself and burning a Koran is too much like inciting. No matter how good it may feel it’s not right. We are better than them, always.

    If Palin and Gingrich run for office in 2012 they will take the brunt of flack from the left leaving Col. Allen West an almost clear path for the win. Once he has the nomination he could really explode progressive heads by naming Plain as his VP.

    Think about it, a black Republican military man and the Queen of the Tea Party. That would give Chris Matthews such a tingle up his leg; right up to his brain stem and fry his gray matter.

  18. lake havasu city spring break 2010 /

    We are still hoping Palin runs for government in 2012, she’s going to do fine!

  19. lake havasu city arizona restaurants /

    Can we please travel on from this and get Obama from office? I would like a CHANGE!

  20. harrows darts /

    Great post mate.

  21. purple black /

    Right on!

  22. admin / Post Author

    The U.S. elected a leader…he is leading in the wrong direction and we just don’t want to follow!

  23. Claris Warnix /

    There are other excellent people worthy of a vote for the presidency­. Unfortunat­ely, none are from the U.S., which has verified incapable of electing a leader due to the fact it’s owned by corporatio­ns who are hoping to get rid of elections completely as a waste of taxpayer money.

  24. Zahn-Ersatz /

    Hello, i´m beginning with rss subscriptions. Now i can stay current with your site and especially the topic What’s Wrong With islamophobia? now, really a neat feature. Thanks, Zahn-Ersatz

  25. Sterling Glessing /

    Immediately after being inadvertently hit with an opposing player’s elbow in the lip when playing basketball with friends and family, the President gotten TWELVE stitches today administered by White House Medical Team. They were done in the doctor’s office located on the ground floor in the White House.I hope he would take his offense to Congress. He’s been enjoying defense against the Republicans for two years. WHEN I voted for him simply because I thought he had game.

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    I never thought of it that way, well put!

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    Right on!

  28. amanda backensto /

    You are right on the money…I wish you had a link to facebook so i could repost.This is a brilliant description of what Islam is truly about and what we as Americans are facing.Thanks for being a voice of truth in a sea of lies and deception.

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  33. Damaris Ferrarotti /

    Very nice post.

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    I agree 100%

  35. smirk (:-() /

    Hurray for TRUTH, COURAGE and FREEDOM – Down with the islamic jihad dictators and their brainless followers!

  36. admin / Post Author

    To further flesh out my feelings on how to really fight a war, check out my prior post: “The Problem With Making War Civilized…” at

    Enjoy, rr

  37. admin / Post Author

    The koran, like the bible and any other book you can name, is just that. A BOOK. Ink and paper, written by man. As Americans, our first Amendment gives us the right to be offended, and offensive. I hate the thought of burning books, flags, or art that puts crucifixes in urine, but I will not kill anyone doing so, or incite violence. Anyone who does should be jailed or killed in the commission of their crime. Both of my stepchilden, (husband and wife), are Marines, and the wife is currently in Afghanistan. I would want her under a commander like Ret. Army Col. Allen West, who I know will stand up for Americans, then a general who will turn his back on the constitution because of fanatical threats from a barbaric religion.
    Besides, our “separation of church and state” gives me the right to tell the government that when it comes to matters of religion, they can just STFU and get out of my way.
    We are an armed populace for a reason. It is not to kowtow to dictators and tyrants, or religious fanatics. Did you notice that when these seventh century savages rioted and killed people all over the world because of the cartoons of the pedophile mohammed, they did not riot here? They are gutless bullies, willing to terrorize an unarmed frenchmen that can only fight back, (if they wanted to), with stale croissants.
    Had they tried that here, we would (rightly) have a lot less terrorists in the world.
    I flush, I mean, rinse, my lovely picture of an open-mouthed mohammed, in glorious color, done in a porcelain medium, with it’s own private room, a couple of times a day.
    As to your comments on us not fighting to win, you are sadly correct. It has been determined since the mid-50’s that there should no longer be “victors”. There must be diplomatically arrived at solutions, with soldiers deaths pushing towards the negotiating tables. Disgusting. We should have nuked Falluja the day they hung the American contractors, so these animals would have a nice glow to look at when they are on their knees.
    Any further attack, and I would turn the temple mound into glass.
    At the very least, I would go back to lubricating our munitions with an animal fat lubricant. When we changed that, these animals took it as a green light to strike the fools inviting them in.
    Thanks for the comment, be well!
    Ron Reale

  38. MichaelT /

    I like your Email but do not believe in burning books not even the koran. I also believe the general is stating what is best for his troops(My kids among them) However, we are not fighting a war. WAR is gruesome and ugly and if we are not going to fight that way then we should go home. Obama is a result of us LAZY Americans not paying attention and minding our country like we should. NOW WE ARE AWAKE and more a waking everyday.

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    Right on!

  40. admin / Post Author

    Wow, I think you actually read it, as opposed to all these spammers. Could you elucidate on exactly what you feel is bullsh…?

  41. honestdude /


  42. admin / Post Author

    I’m not quit sure, let me read it and check again, I think Obama’s in there somewhere. 🙂

  43. Pbsproducer /

    So just exactly who is it you are angry with?

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