The Iranian Presidents Mind VS Civilized Man…”never the ‘twain shall meet”

The Supreme Court has let stand a death penalty against a Virginia murderess who paid two men to kill her husband and stepchild for insurance money. Obviously, a just sentence.

The judicial system in Iran has been trying to have a woman stoned to death for having sex. The actual charge is adultery, but the root is, a woman had sex without a mans permission.

The Iranian president has compared the two sentences, asking where is the outrage against America, equal to the outrage against his country’s treatment of the adulterer? He apparently see some moral equivalency.

I, of course do not.

We have had proof after proof of muslims determination to destroy the civilized word, and their intention to strangle freedom, wherever it exists, with Sharia law.

His comparison is just more proof.

More proof that the muslim does not have the capacity of understanding, intellect, or values to live in a civilized world. The muslims are savages, ready to stone to death a woman for her unauthorized sexual gratification, using her body as she sees fit, not her owner, brother or group of men. (Something no muslim has the courage to do, is recognize a woman as a person, not a piece of property).
That is not a legitimate death penalty, that is a revenge killing.
Our celebration of one of our most glorious laws is just that, a celebration.
Progressive panderers to judicial anarchy and bleeding heart liberals have taken something beautiful and forced it into the darkness of night. We have allowed European Human Rights Panels and UN organizations to demonize our death penalty, to try and make us feel dirty for ending a human life.
Our death penalty is the result of our community coming together after particularly heinous acts have been committed, mostly ending in the death of innocent, Liberty-Loving American Citizens.
We make sure the facts are collected, and, as a society, investigate the circumstances surrounding the lose of our most valuable asset, the most valuable asset in the world, a free, independent person.

When society is satisfied that a particular person is responsible for this atrocity, this destruction of freedom, this blow against liberty, we bring charges and prove the case “beyond a reasonable doubt”, under the most open trial system in the world.
Upon conviction, after allowing appeals in case of an oversight, we make plans to rid our community of the persons who dared strike a free person down, and not allow them or their families the fruits of their heritage: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Originally, we had public executions, out in the open. It was a family gathering to teach the celebration of the cleansing of a free society of those who have given up their rights to live by denying the same to others.

We do this not out of revenge.
We do this as a warning to the world.
It is a statement to the world that WE ARE FREE PEOPLE. We will not be killed easily, without notice. When our personal rights to self defense fail, and we are struck down, we do not die. Our society rises on our behalf, in our name, to chase down and demand justice of the killers.
The president of Iran finds a moral comparison between the two? We are supposed to give weight to ideas, on any matter, that stem from a mind so damaged as that?


Ron Reale

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    They can think what they want in their seventh-century sewers…as soon as they decide to force their view on anyone outside their fiefdom, I say kill them all before they kill you.

  2. atlanta tree service /

    Muslims think that God finally sent Muhammad (Close up from the Prophets) to share the divine message around the globe (to summarize and also to complete the term of The almighty). In Islam, the “normative” demonstration of Muhammad’s existence is known as the actual Sunnah (literally “trodden path”). This illustration is maintained within traditions referred to as hadith (“reviews”), which usually recount his words, their actions, and the individual qualities. The traditional Muslim jurist ash-Shafi’i (d. 820) stressed the need for the Sunnah within Islamic law, and Muslims are usually urged to emulate Muhammad’s actions within their every day lives. The Sunnah can be considered essential to guiding meaning from the Qur’an. Six of these collections, put together inside 3rd century AH (ninth century CE), identified be regarded as as especially authoritative with the biggest group inside Islam, the Sunnites. Another large group, the Shi?ah, features its own ?adith found in four canonical collections.

  3. stop smoking /

    France is banning Muslim women from wearing the burqa – what a sensible nation! Why can’t more countries do that too? It’s ok if you want to wear a discreet symbol of your religion but not one that totally hides your face. It’s just not appropriate in this age of terrorism. It’s rare for me to say this but well done to France!

  4. purple black /

    Right on!

  5. admin / Post Author


    “Despite this, discrimination continues: an example is the sadly famous Beyazit Square protests of March 6, 2005, when a peaceful demonstration for International Women’s Day turned into blind violence against the approximately 150 participants, dragged by officers on coaches shots truncheon, using irritant gas. The Amnesty International’s Report 2009 says: “Laws and regulations designed to protect women and girls from violence have not been properly implemented. Underfunding and inaction of the government departments have weakened the measures envisaged by the Prime Minister issued a circular in 2006 to combat domestic violence and prevent crimes of honor. ” Little progress has been made in providing safe houses for women survivors of violence to the extent provided by law on municipalities in 2004 – at least one nursing home in all municipalities with a population exceeding 50,000 “.
    The so-called “honor killings” are those where to a woman who has dishonored the family has offered the “alternative” (if can be call like this) between suicide or be segregated in a room until she decides to do it: if she doesn’t want to do it, the duty to kill her has given to the youngest male of the family in the hope that at the process will be a more lenient sentence. According to a survey on domestic violence, 39% of Turkish women think it is the right of an husband beating his wife in several cases, including a refusal to have sex, to have exceeded the costs, or to have cooked badly: in this survey is then shown that education is crucial to eradicate these beliefs and that women with instruction are unlikely to stay under silly macho codes.”

  6. admin / Post Author

    “I think you’re confusing religion and politics…”
    That is the problem. islam is not a religion, it is a political structure using religion to enslave and kill. If they are muslims, they must subjugate all around them, no matter where on earth they are.
    Our lying president has said there is a “rich muslim heritage” here in America. LIE! No muslim had anything to do with the creation of America, and none have contributed to our lives or the success of this nation. There was no muslim pledging his, “life, fortune and sacred honor” to America, as our founders did. Why? because they may take no oaths to anyone or thing but islam. As I state in my post, “Whats wrong with islamophobia?”, we had to create the Marines to defend us from these death-cultists early on in our history.
    You make my point when you say, “Yes, there are no “muslim countries” I can point at as civil, but isn’t that more of a problem with nations being ruled by religions?”
    Yes, it is! The problem is all the more evil when their death-cult demands they spread their barbaric hatred to other countries at all costs, including their own deaths, until islam rules the world. Just because they are not actively killing people at the moment, does not mean they would not cut your head off while you defend their right to do so.
    You say,
    “You’ve also got to consider the fact that most of these militant muslim countries are filled with poor, uneducated people living under evil oppressive religious dictatorships.” Very true, but are we to sit back and let these backward savages kill us because they are poor and mislead?
    There is no place in a free nation for a system that outwardly denies any freedom to anyone but them, and insists all peoples must be subjugated to their beliefs or die.
    I don’t have to consider any of the reasons they are evil, I just have to protect myself, my family and my country from them, at all costs. This is not a theoretical game. Jefferson did not have to create the Marines 236 years ago because, “we wanted their oil”. Islamic Jihad declared war on us at the formation of this country, and has actively been trying to destroy us since, joining with the Nazis to destroy free peoples.
    If they want to stay in their seventh-century sewers and destroy their own peoples, fine. Our Constitution is not a suicide pact. We do not have to put up with killers or accept them, or understand them, because of how they were raised. I don’t care about the cause, I care about their effect.
    It is the very same as catching a rapist murderer. I don’t care if their father beat them, starved them or raped them. If they have killed and raped, make a note of the reasons AND KILL THEM FOR THEIR ACTIONS. No “reason” or “understanding” can excuse their denial of someones right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.
    If their religion does not accept that concept, it, and it’s followers, should be expunged from the country, immediately.
    Be well,

  7. Matthew /

    Turkey. civil muslim country. At least there’s one.

  8. Matthew /

    at the very least, we agree on one thing:
    “Religion as a whole has been the most destructive force on earth, causing more deaths then any natural disasters.”

    I’m neither Christian or Muslim (or any other organized religion for that matter, not to say I don’t believe in God). I try to respect everybody’s religious beliefs, and while I think there’s common ground and veins of truth in most religions, I think most of them are a little crazy too. with that said….

    I think you’re confusing religion and politics.. the middle east is full of power hungry dictatorships that co-opt religion as a tool for population control, power, and wealth. maybe Christians are a little further along in the evolution of civility, but it wasn’t THAT long ago in the grand scheme of things that they were doing the same things. Keep in mind, just two years ago we had a “born again christian” president.. “born agains” are supposed to be dedicating their life to living in a “christ-like” manner, and yet the guy dropped bombs with a cavalier cowboy attitude and made jokes about it. who would Christ bomb?

    Yes, there are no “muslim countries” I can point at as civil, but isn’t that more of a problem with nations being ruled by religions? There are millions of muslims that live in the rest of the world who are not evil, uncivilized savages. I do have an issue with how many of them who have not been outspoken enough against the attacks on us, but I don’t agree that it makes it fair to call them ALL savages. You’ve really got to be able to see that lumping ANY group of people together and labeling them with such harsh impunity is not fair or accurate.

    You’ve also got to consider the fact that most of these militant muslim countries are filled with poor, uneducated people living under evil oppressive religious dictatorships. they have nothing, and they’re cut off from the rest of the world. They have no information other than what their government tells them, and our bombs falling out of the sky… they’re victims of their leadership- religion is the ONLY thing they have to give their life meaning, and their government is telling them that Americans all think they’re stupid savages and want to kill them to take their oil. And unfortunately, that’s not totally untrue.

  9. admin / Post Author

    You have every right to be stunned.I stand by what I said. What muslim country is a paradise for women, with equality and freedom…Saudi Arabia?
    I don’t care what you call the Christians, but I doubt if you can find them killing anyone that will not convert to Christianity for the last couple of centuries.
    Religion as a whole has been the most destructive force on earth, causing more deaths then any natural disasters. If you have to reach back centuries, you’re back where the muslims stopped advancing. The Christians had the good form to stop their most backward beliefs, and Christianity is based on the celebration of life. muslims are still stuck in the seventh century, celebrating death.
    If you believe or have read the beliefs of both, Jesus died for Christianity, mohammed killed for islam.
    The iranian president stated clearly at the UN that he thought it was his mission to usher in the 12th imam. He believes it is up to him to purge the world in fire for islam. You’re right, his is just one version of the death of infidels, there are a million other islamic versions of their death cult. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. Look up “taqiyya”, and you will see why some claim to be moderate to further our destruction. They are the opposite of life, evil on the face of the earth. I could not possibly care less if you think I am bigoted, and if you think muslims are a race, your sorely mistaken. When a people have been warring against your nation since the time it was founded, I don’t find it difficult to see the truth about them, nor will I close my eyes to the reaction of the muslims around the world to the attacks against us. I listen to what they say, the rest is easy.
    Be well, and thanks for the cogent, non-name calling reply.

  10. Matthew /

    I’m stunned by this statement:

    “More proof that the muslim does not have the capacity of understanding, intellect, or values to live in a civilized world. The muslims are savages… Something no muslim has the courage to do, is recognize a woman as a person, not a piece of property”

    That statement is massively racist, hateful and ignorant. I’m stunned, because it seems by your writing that you are a generally intelligent, articulate person… and yet you don’t seem to grasp the simple concept that one person (Ahmadenijad) or one country (Iran) are not representative of muslims as a whole.

    furthermore, even if SOME sects of islam believe in backwards, uncivilized practices, that doesn’t mean ALL muslims believe that. I have seen many Christians do horrible, ugly things.. they’ve been committing atrocities in the name of Jesus for centuries (the crusades, the inquisitions, etc.). The Vatican still tells Africans in countries where 50% of the population has HIV/AIDS that they shouldn’t use condoms… they STILL support groups in Africa that openly advocate killing gay people for consensual sex acts. Not so long ago, the Vatican was STILL covering up children being molested and rapes by their clergy. is THAT demonstrating the capacity of understanding, intellect, or values to live in a civilized world? Should I be dismissing every Christian in the world as a savage?

    Please, I’d love to hear an intelligent response that doesn’t dismiss me as a “bleeding heart liberal”.

  11. Loretta Ragusa /

    Hi Ron. That article on the muslims was great. Scares me to death that they are so intent on destroying us and our way of life. I need your e-mail address. Spoke to your Dad this past week. We all miss him terribly and we hope we see you and Sonya very soon.


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