A Pox On Both Their Houses, Part 2

I was 1/2 wrong. I admit it. It will be tough, but I’ll learn to deal with it…eventually.
Last December 22, I wrote the article below. At the time, it was my belief that the Tea Party would actually evolve into a third party, and I built my prognostications on that basis. It goes without saying, but for some reason I am saying it,  that never happened.
The Republicans have done a good job of protecting their backs, and may not suffer as much damage as the Dems.
My numbers, however, both on percentage of voters drawn from the traditional parties, and how many seats Dems are likely to lose,  seem to be on pretty firm ground, (maybe even too low).
The Tea Party has fielded an array of formidable citizen candidates. No professional politicians, rather “Professional Americans”.
I can live with 1/2 wrong.
A Pox On Both Their Houses
is a growing sentiment around America lately. The lies from the professional politicians, the doublespeak from these millionaire lawyers firmly ensconsed in our wallets, has crossed the Rubicon.
The Dem leadership has been speaking of being willing to accept the loss of approximately 40 seats this coming election, due to their failure to accurately represent their constituants.
I think that figure is optimistic. 50 to 70 seems more realistic too me.
I also think the GOP is going to lose as many, or more seats.
The people are awake, and they are enjoying a brisk cup o’ TEA Party enthusiasm.
Right now, with no actual official party to speak of, the Tea Party is polling higher then the corruption riddled Dems and Rinos.
Tea Party people will no longer accept the “lesser of two evils”. They will be proud to stand on their principles and vote for their candidates.
They will be running candidates that will put the constitution and country first , patriotic citizen-candidates, going to do a job for the American people, not wrap themselves in a cloak of royalty at our expense. They will see to it that the legislators are governed by the laws they burden the public with.
Within a week of the Tea Party officially organizing and excepting members, I humbly estimate 25 to 35% of Dems and the GOP will join. Once their candidates are announced and platforms are presented to the voters, another 10 to 15% will join.
No one wants to be associated with the weasels currently running the country.
The Dems have had us on the fast track to socialism for years, and the GOP has been tagging along, slowing them down a little, but inevitably bending to the Dems in ridiculous, never-reciprocated attempts to appear “bi-partisan”, so they can be popular with the media. The GOP has forgotten the constitution, and has been as insulting to Americans in their spending habits as the libs.
This administration has just taken advantage of the damage done by both parties over the years, and has put together a group of the most radical, corrupt, anti-American, Mao and Stalin loving, capitalism hating Chicago thugs in history for one great last push into the abyss of socialism from which our Constitution, (the one Obama wants to rewrite), will never recover.
The world is going to see something very special in America over the next two elections. The example of  free people returning to their roots, sweeping out all the professional prostitutes who have bastardized a beautiful document, the US Constitution. Our actions will ring loud and clear around the world. Free people using their votes to peacefully restore their founding document to its rightful position in the law.
What could scare the tyrants of the world more then their citizens seeing America in its glory, allowing its citizens freedoms that would never be granted in their, (the tyrants), country?
Tea Party candidates will reference the portion of the constitution that covers the actions they are taking, and stop the ongoing assaults on the first and second amendments.
They will restore the capitalist system, without the government interference that brought us Freddie and Fannie and the union theft of GM. Freeing the American people and business from the success-punishing taxes they are forced to deal with will ignite an economic boom Ronald Reagan would be proud of.
I believe this because the alternative is too ugly to consider.
This country cannot afford any futher machinations and misappropriations by the current crop of miscreants in DC.
They have gotten so brazen in their lies and misrepresentations, people that never paid any attention to the fact they were being screwed have taken notice, and they are not amused.
The Tea Party is standing between us and the “ash bin of history”. They are the last chance to correct the damage from Democrats and Republicans.
A pox on both their houses!
originally published 12/22/2009 at realetybytes.townhall.com

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    Or better yet, maybe we should all just send our paychecks straight to Washington DC and let them pay for everything. They can pay my health care insurance, my mortgage, put gas for my car and I wont have to worry about another thing. I am beginning to think that is what they (the liberals) want to happen. Then what?

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