The NFL and Harry Reid, A Match Made In Hell

So the NFL has this political committee, Gridiron Pac. According to CSN News, Gridiron Pac just gave $10,000 dollars, the legal limit, to Arizona Senator Harry Reid’s re-election campaign.

I wonder if this is truly representative of the average NFL player.

I expect the NFL to slink to the bowels of civilization on all issues now. The Reid contribution meets my expectations.

After all, this is a group that is investigating a man for sending some sort of  messages to a woman he seems to have been infatuated with.  A horny guy chasing a skirt, in a most indelicate and un-PC way.

They won’t let this go, with their high and mighty moral standards having been offended.


This from an organization that has allowed a brutal psychopathic animal torturer and killer to join its ranks, and have helped showcase this serial-killer-in-training.

Any” thing” capable of using his bare hands to drown, hang and beat animals to death, swinging them over his head and slamming them into the ground until dead, someone that witnesses said got an “adrenaline rush” for his efforts, should not be rewarded and protected by the NFL. He should not be paraded before the world’s children like a hero to emulate, and yet, he is.

Michael Vick doesn’t reach the same offensive level to them as Brett Favre?

This is an organization that, in its quest for the almighty dollar, is willing to allow children to see and mingle with this disgusting piece of humanity. The fact that any other player stands next to this fiend, this vile piece of human excrement, shows how little respect anyone should have for these so-called men, the team they play for, and the organization they all work under. Not to mention the products that sponsor them. I do not spend money on products that enable dangerous, murderous psychopaths.

I don’t care how much anyone is paying me, I would not walk on the same side of the street as the low-life Michael Vick. Should I one day by chance, come upon the Philadelphia Eagles team bus burning in a ditch, I would not waste my urine on it. The fact that the team still exists as a unit after hiring Vick says it all. Men have ethics and morals that would preclude them from being pictured with, wearing the same uniform as, or being associated with in any way, shape or form, a scumbag.

There are no men on the Eagles.

I believe Michael Vick will eventually kill someone. Serial killers start by getting off on torturing and killing animals.

He has tasted the power of taking life. Before he is dead, he will kill someone. He got away with it up to now, (he wasn’t charged or jailed for his depravity), and his privileged status will drive him to it again.

I haven’t watched a baseball game since the money grubbing bastards canceled the World Series.

I don’t need the NFL, either.

Reid, the corrupt Senator who used federal lands to make himself and his children rich, who ignored his constituents and pushed his own radical progressive agenda down their throats,  who will be responsible for many deaths through the destruction of the health care system, is a perfect match for the NFL.

You might say it’s a “match made in hell”.

I do.

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  1. platypus /

    On top of everything, he’s ugly through and through.

  2. admin / Post Author

    About some things, maybe, but I can learn…you sir, (if indeed you are who you say, which I doubt), are a lifetime government drone, who for some reason thinks your position makes you special. I didn’t facilitate my families riches doing favors with government lands. I am not owned by the most corrupt, anti-American union in America. I don’t steal peoples hard earned monies and give it to criminals, in the hopes they and their families will vote for me. I believe in a representative government, not tricking an electorate by using thug union members to intimidate voters, running phony candidates and splitting votes with “none of the above” to hold on to my position.
    You sir, are too corrupt and anti-American to ever describe yourself as my “buddy”. You sir, are an embarrassment to the electoral process, and an insult to America.

  3. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) /

    Hey buddy, I am the senior Senator from Nevada. And you are an uninformed pundit.
    -Harry Reid

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