If Talk Radio Existed In 1963, Would Oswald Have Shot Kennedy?

I think it is a good thing we got rid of the FCC’s “Fairness Doctrine”. We lost JFK, RFK, and MLK. Jr to assassins, while attempts were made on many other political figures under its corrosive stifling of free speech.
Is it possible having a venue too talk of, and be talked out of, ignorant ideas, would have vented the deadly motives that caused all the assassinations and shootings during the “Fairness Doctrine times?
As we have had both a rise in heated rhetoric, accompanied by a decline in political violence, I say the evidence is in, the “Fairness Doctrine” is a terroristic plot to endanger our elected officials.

Ron Reale


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  1. admin / Post Author

    Thank you, Bob, for both your service to our country, donations to our population, and the corrections, (I to/too/two, hope they help!).
    You ‘re correct to, (too?), worry, but I am hoping enough people woke up this last two years and we are now on a trajectory to/too reset this damage. Had this administration not pushed so far, so fast, many would still be asleep, and they might have gotten to their goals, anyway.
    As too, (to, two?), Miller time, I love the committment, but hate your destination, as explained in this past post:

    Miller Brewing Co. Hates Your Family, Boycott Their Products!

    Posted at realetybytes.com, by Ron Reale, on Saturday, October 06, 2007 12:57:51 PM

    With their sponsorship of the disgusting S&M street fair in San Franwierdo, Miller Brewing shows its utter contempt for the average American family. By supporting people, (or things) like this, that want to destroy marraige and promote adults having sex with children, Miller has chosen its important demographic. Lets see to it that no one else buys their product. If you own a store, please remove Millers products. If you are just A BEER LOVIN’ KINDA GUY OR GAL, THERE ARE DOZENS OF OTHER BRANDS TO CHOSE FROM.
    Don’t let Miller think they can spit on our society and go unpunished. Let San Francisco be the last place they sell beer before they go broke.
    Michelle Malkin has been doing great work on this story on her blog, go check it out and support her great work.
    Be well,

  2. Bob King /

    Hey, Ron ….enjoy your comments. I’ve got to point out a couple of errors, however. They are:

    1) You used the wrong “its” ….you used the abbreviation for “it is …it’s” rather than the possessive “its”.

    2) “Is it possible to have a venue TO, not “too”, talk of ……”

    Don’t shoot the friggin’ messenger…..hope my corrections helped.

    P.S. Especially liked your comment about the Hairy Reid episode in Virginia ….that’s what got me to your site.

    P.P.S. I’m Bob King, Korean “War” veteran, 76 and living in one of the wackier states, California. Glad I’m the age I am ….only got, what?, ten, fifteen more years to put up with all the bullshit going on. I feel sorry for you, my kids, your kids, grandkids and all other progeny. They will indeed bite the big one.

    It’s Miller time. See you around campus.

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