Gaddafi tells Palestinians: revolt against Israel

Reuters Africa carried that headline today, 2/13/11.

My only question is, where is Ronald Wilson Reagan and his cruise missles when you need them? Obviously, Gaddafi didn’t get the message the last time, or his memory isn’t serving him well.

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  8. Herta Yoxall /

    It’s truly unfortunate what’s happening in Libya today. I hope that Qaddafi leaves soon for everybody’s good.

  9. cheap wall art /

    I’d have a bit more belief in this so-called spontaneous uprising by the Libyan rebels if one of their first moves hadn’t been to start a new central bank. “Kill Gaddafi, make this country safe for central bankers!” Yup, them’s genuine rebels alright!

  10. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Israel will not be there in 2015, if obama has his way!

  11. Renata Uren /

    We want to go to Israel in 2015, I really enjoy reading about it, I am seeking more information about the people and places in Israel

  12. admin / Post Author

    As I have stated in response to other replies, I have no sympathy for the people of Libya, they have had no sympathy for the world for 5 decades.

  13. Take Over Guy /

    I for one expect that Qadhafi will be eradicated in the near future, he have had plenty of time of oppressing their people it’s about time that the people from Libya also find out what freedom is

  14. admin / Post Author

    I for one believe the people of Libya to be savages that have exported terrorism for decades, and danced at the atrocities they have wrought upon the world. I love whatever-his-name-is getting de-throned, but until I see evidence they deserve better, I wish the Libyan people decades of fear and pain.
    I pray to God for understanding, but that is how I feel. Now I know what it feels like to be conditioned to hate. Libyans have been terrorizing the world for as long as I have been reading the news, which is at least 40 years, (I started paying attention to the news at 16, 17 years old). The Libyans have, over time, convinced me it is in my best interests to see them dead, and their collective threat to the world defused.
    As I have recently blogged, I can manifest not the slightest sympathy for them.
    Thank you for the comment, be well,

  15. CDommission Guy /

    I for one hope that Qadhafi shall be removed soon, he have had enough time of oppressing their people its about time that the people from Libya also find out what flexibility is

  16. admin / Post Author

    I wish them, (and you), well! I would love to see democracy, but not pure democracy, because that is what you have in the streets now, mob rule. I wish them a truely representative democracy. Unfortunately, you have fanatical mullahs and the Iranian pinhead president, who believes it is his calling to bring world chaos so he can release the 12th imam. Isn’t that special. I fear these countries will have traded tyrannical strongmen for the muslim brotherhood, which will lead to the nuclear annihilation of many.
    be well,

  17. Valor Dolar /

    Adios Mubarak, Farewell Khadafi , let’s pray that we arabic people can lastly secure the democratic leaders we ought to get. Freedom now! Peace.

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