Hey Mr. obama, Self-Defense Is NOT “Assault”!

Our esteemed, (in his own mind), president recently lamented the WI Governor’s plan to save his state from economic collapse. He said the plan, which would gut the corrupt past deals the government workers have received, which led to the government workers making, on average, 50% more than the taxpayers for similar work, represented an, “assault” on unions.

If a rape victim punches her attacker during the rape, is she guilty of “assault”? Apparently, our president thinks so.

We The People have been getting RAPED by past agreements, worked out behind closed doors between parties that have no, “skin in the game, ” to quote a despised community organizer.

We The People are going to get direct control over the wages stolen, I mean earned, by these thieves. Their attitudes towards their jobs is abysmal.

Teachers around the country are getting raises while their students are failing, or being pushed out of school totally ignorant of basic math and reading.

Entire Government agencies, having failed miserably in fulfilling their original mandates, if not having actually made things worse, are rewarded with bigger budgets and bonuses for the inept workers, and, in the case of the Dept.’s of Energy and Education, their anti-American activities.

I realize, Mr. obama, that you have disdain for the American Constitution, because you have said so, repeatedly. I guess that is why you don’t understand the difference between an unwarranted, “Assault”, and justifiable, “Self-Defense”.

Ron Reale


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