Isn’t Murder a “High Crime or Misdemeanor”?

Let’s see now.

Hillary Clinton goes to the Mexican border and accuses American citizens of being behind the deaths in Mexico, because, she says, American citizens are illegally supplying the drug gangs with weapons.

She and the ATF thugs start proceedings to restrict, limit or outright deny the legal American citizens the right to exercise their second amendment rights, treating them as criminals.

Fast forward to today. We now know what she knew all along.

obama and his racist Justice Dept. head, Holder, have been murdering people in Mexico by sending illegal weapons there directly from the White House. They even videotaped some of the smuggling of their weapons by the drug dealers, as they loaded them into vehicles and crossed the border, (instead of stopping them).

ATF officers have come forward to report they were told to let the weapons they are hired to stop, into Mexico.;contentBody

Holder says this was being done to track the weapons, so they could make a major drug bust in the future. When asked about the crimes committed, the deaths caused, by Holder and obama’s weapons, a justice dept. official said it was necessary to “break a few eggs” (to make an omelete).

Of course, Holder doesn’t mind killing some Mexicans, hell no, they’re not, “his people”.

What has been uncovered, but still not mentioned by the “Three Blind Mice”, (ABC CBS NBC), is a classic, “False Flag” project.

obama and Holder invaded a sovereign nation with the intent to kill and do harm to their citizens, and blame it on legal American businesses, so they could gut the Second Amendment and ban guns.

This whole administration is an illegal abomination, a disgustingly lawless cabal of socialists, communists and union thug terrorist supporters, doing their best to destroy Capitalism and the American Constitution.

Can no one see the truth?

WILL no one see the truth?

Ron Reale

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  7. admin / Post Author

    “Ever wonder how it is that some politicians get into office as middle class and come out worth $$$$ JMO.”
    No, Joe, I stopped wondering that when I found out they are not covered by the insider trading laws. Think of being in charge of a government that knows when roads a decade away are being planned, or airports, malls, whatever. What land would your relatives be buying, under cover companies? Harry Reid is a prime example, although his corruption, with his family, is pretty outrageous, and has been reported extensively. This is the best synapsys:

    That is just one way. When you make the rules, you control the flow of info, it’s a snap to be on top.
    Be well,

  8. admin / Post Author

    obama just announced that, because of the Gifford shooting in AZ, we need new “common sense” gun laws…does anybody think that if the whistleblowers at the ATF had not come forward, he wouldn’t be using the death of the DEA agent for the same purpose, blaming American citizen for the crimes of his administration and himself? The purpose of that gunrunning operation was to assault our 2nd amendment and ban guns, period. We have a traitor in the White House, 2012 can’t come soon enough!
    Be well, thanks for the comment,

  9. Joe T. /

    I see it Ron.
    I can see it with one eye shut or both wide open.
    I remember 9/11, I was moving to NY from Boston my wife was already in our new house on Long Island.
    I also remember the mood/tone the sadness and anger from that horrific,
    sensless and cowardly act upon our GREAT NATION.
    I also remember how almost EVERYONE came together as one to help each other and how nice and respectful people were, too bad it didn’t last.
    I remember “WE WILL NEVER FORGET” well where are the other half now? I have NOT FORGOTTEN AND I NEVER WILL…EVER.
    I am very shocked, bewildered and quite honestly “pissed off” at how
    some (and by some I mean a large %) have done just that, they have forgotten! I don’t know how or why it just amazes me, did half the country get hit with a “STUPID STICK” ?
    So now lets give the Cartels and ? guns(and some are 50 cals) to shoot/kill back at US, (GOD BLESS border agent TERRY may he RIP) that in and by itself just
    lacks ANY thought of common sense(which there is very little of inside the beltway) its too bad for us there is no way to teach anyone “common sense” it cannot be taught, and you can’t pick it up on ones journey thru life, one is either born with it OR without.
    What scares me is, if we (and by “we” I mean the idiots in Washington) are willfully letting known weapons go South and cross the border, WHAT is coming back north without proper “policy enforced” border security? what type, and possible parts for weapons are coming IN to OUR Country?
    If Illegal immigrants can get across with hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of dope and with those same weapons “we” let go, you bet those that wish us serious harm again can damn well get anything they wish across bit by bit or all at once, and that my friend is HORRIFYING, I think it is a matter of not if but when.
    If we only had an administration that truly cared about the U.S. and its security and actually stepped up to the plate and put forth some serious security/energy policies and not about thier own careers, golf and wallets,
    I know I would feel a whole lot better putting my kids to bed at night. Ever wonder how it is that some politicians get into office as middle class and come out worth $$$$ JMO.

    Joe T.

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