Rep. Peter King Standing Up For America

As everyone knows, New York State Congressman Peter King, Republican from Nassau County, Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, is planning to hold, (long overdue), hearings on radical Islam in America.

Of course, the anti-American progressives and liberals in the media and the White House are up in arms on the thought of shedding light upon their friends.

The muslim brotherhood has strong ties to this administration, as noted here:

This not the first administration to accept them, just the first to KNOWINGLY accept them, and, for the most part, agree with them.

“Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America”, by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry, lays out, using a treasure trove of thousands of internal CAIR documents, how radical muslims have been advising, lobbying and even leading daily prayers for Congress for years.

Many of our government officials in the past had no idea of the history and threat to our way of life these radicals represent. Their ignorance can be forgiven.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for any of our MSM, or this current Congress and White House.

Rep. King is trying to bring the facts to Americans. He is being viciously attacked for his potentially lifesaving efforts.

The MSM, trying to help their anti-American friends and close associates,,

is smearing him on a daily basis, trying to bias everyday Americans against any report he eventually issues.

The fact that the communist mouthpiece, the NY Times, is leading such a virulent attack on Rep.King, is enough to prove to most Americans that Rep. King is on to something.

Up to now, some of the defense of these radical muslims could be chalked up to ignorance of their true beliefs and actions.

That no longer holds true. Since 9/11, Americans have awakened to the threat these seventh century savages pose. With the indifference shown by this administration to their actions, these radicals have come out of the shadows, and now openly call for the islamist flag to fly over the White House, and Sharia law to rule the land.

obama and his progressive friends deflect all criticism of their, (I’d like to say, “their”, means the radical muslims, but in this case, it also covers obama and friends, unfortunately), terrorist ties or anti-American program.

Clearly, they disagree with the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Jackson, and wish the Bill of Rights to indeed be, a “suicide pact”.  (Terminiello v. City of Chicago, 1949)

All Patriotic Americans should stand with Rep. King. He is facing the most evil threat this country has ever faced, unrepentant radical islam and their obsequious servants, Barack Hussein Obama and his progressive liberal friends in the media and Congress.

Ron Reale

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    islam is an insult to freedom and humanity, a canker sore on the ass of the world. It is anything BUT a “religion!”

    islamophobe definition: Anyone smart enough to realize that islam is NOT a religion, but a political system dependent on the barbaric sharia law, which uses intimidation, violence and beheadings to force everyone into submission, (islam does not mean “peace”, it means “submission”). It is diametrically opposed to freedom, and is a threat to the existence of the United States.

    Americans have a right to protest peacefully about anything. We put up with Flag burners, artists who desecrate Christian symbols, KKK protests in the street an more. We have a God-given right to offend and be offended. Burning a bible or a koran wouldn’t turn most peoples head here. It may anger them as they pass the protester while on the way to the mall, but Americans don’t run home and start sharpening their cutlery.

    Seventh century savages born and trapped into the political system known as islam, who are killed should they decide to change faith, are another story.

    They demand tolerance, yet are the most intolerant people in the world, killing anyone that disagrees with them. Fatwas, or death penalties, are announced by imams and ayatollahs regularly, calling on muslims to kill those that commit the slightest offense against this backward dictatorship, even if it means a suicide mission for their followers. The imams and ayatollahs stay comfortably at home while this goes on, leaving uneducated fanatics to die for them, on the promise of 72 virgins in the afterlife.

    They are misogynists who consider women to be of less value then animals.

    islamic jihad is the group that declared war on the United States as soon as we became a country, killing and kidnapping our sailors, forcing them into slavery and demanding tribute to sail the seas safely. The Marines, (called “Leathernecks” because of the stiff leather collars protecting their necks from the swords utilized by most armies of the time), were utilized by President Jefferson, who said, “Millions for defense, not one penny for tribute”.

    They wish to implement sharia law in the US, (as the imam at ground zero demands), and we actually have traitorous ignorami in our government, our courts and our media, who support the idea.

    When they say, “islam is a religion of peace”, they mean that after they have subjugated, forcibly converted or killed all non-muslims, there will be peace.

    When cartoons of the pedophile mohammed were published around the world, these savages rioted and killed people in every country but America. They are cowards, who knew a free, armed populace in America would have dramatically reduced the number of muslims in the world, had they tried that excrement here. How does that part of sharia law hold up to our freedom of speech? We have a President, other politicians and a war hero General, (Petraeus), telling us to throw out freedom of speech because these backward savages might kill Americans in protest of what they or other Americans say.

    The General, for whom up to now I have had tremendous respect, should take off the uniform if he no longer wishes to defend our Constitution.

    Voters will sweep out the appeasers in our government. When muslims protest, protect their rights and celebrate their foray into free speech. When they become violent, kill them until there are no more willing to throw a stone. They must be made to pay a price for their savagery, or we might as well convert to islam tomorrow, because they will not stop flying planes into buildings or beheading innocents until we do.

    Every American should arm themselves, and go burn a koran. When the fanatics come for violence, give it to them. We are Americans, no one tells us what we can or cannot say.

    We need to amend our constitution to read, “Freedom of any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers.” Give them six months to leave, and burn down all their mosques, grind the stones to sand, and ship it all back to their desert paradise.

    I am a proud islamophobe, communistophobe, marxistophobe, socialistophobe, pedophileophobe, misogynistophobe, and anything-else-that-is-out-to destroy-America-ophobe, including obamaophobe.
    Ron Reale

  2. conversion to islam /

    Islam is a Great Religion.

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