Liar-In-Chief: “…I got a lot of moving parts.”

So, our Liar-In-Chief claims neither he nor Eric Holder knew of, “Operation Gunrunner”. You know, the “Operation Gunrunner” that, according to ATF officials, allowed illegal weapons to flow across the Mexican border so that the Justice Department might make some big drug bust in the future.

Instead, our Failure-In-Chief says the decision to invade a foreign country and help terrorize, kill and maim its inhabitants came from some underlings, he doesn’t know who, yet, because, ya know, “…this is a pretty big government, the United States government. I got a lot of moving parts.”

“A LOT OF MOVING PARTS!?” That is his answer?!? Where’s the indignation, the outrage, that one of his subordinates in Government would do something so blatantly unethical, immoral and plain illegal?

Where is his compassion for all those harmed or killed by these weapons…has he apologized to the family of the DEA officer HIS GOVERNMENT MURDERED?

If someone else had done something so underhanded in my name, I would be turning over ever rock, looking in every nook and cranny, TODAY, MYSELF. I would have every officer in the chain of command in my office, and they would leave unemployed if they could not answer my questions, NOW, IMMEDIATELY! I would not need some Inspector General to investigate who was murdering people in my name, I would not accept another person leading the search for answers. It would all be public hearings, and I, the President, would be demanding answers.

The fact that that is not what is happening is proof once again that obama is lying. He is not upset at murders in his name, because he committed them. He knows the answers, he is just looking for someone to fall on the sword for him, or just plain leave holding the bag, (Eric Holder).

He and Holder actually want the public to believe that some obscure department head took it upon themselves to breach the sovereignty of a foreign nation and purposely do harm to its citizens.

If we are to believe this, we have a much bigger problem then just an anti-American President. How many of the government workers have been bestowed this power? How many of them are making decisions, or think they have the authority to make such decisions, to circumvent the Constitution, Congress and the (ineffectual) President? Is that why they have that power, because obama is such a failure that they think someone has got to do something, no matter how stupid, to make it look like he is actually a leader?

Whatever the answer, it comes down to a community organizer using corrupt community organizing tactics to get what he wants, the gutting of the second amendment and the destruction of America’ reputation as a world power.

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