The New, “Pelosi Foreign Policy”

Along the line of, “some things never change”, we have now entered a realm similar in circumstances to the passage of the Health Care Bill.

At the time, Madam Pelosi posited that because the bill was so large and unwieldy, and there was so little time to read it, it would be necessary to, “pass the bill, so we would know what was in it”.

Now, at a time when the UN is full of itself in the absence of an American-interest protecting President of the United States, a time when the world is waiting expectantly to see which tyrannical dictator the United States President will next bow and grovel apologetically before, we have gotten into a “situation”.

There is no time to decide the correct path to take, we must act immediately to start killing people, we will find out what was in it for us, what actions will be undertaken against us, what terrorists we have just elevated to heads of state, later.

I especially love the fact that our Follower-in-Chief jumped to and keeps referring to the request for a no-fly zone by the Arab League.

I don’t see one of their planes in the air, with us offering support and guidance. No, that is not how the islamists do things. They go to the subservient infidels and get them to fight their wars for them. They get what they ask for, and then immediately attack the infidels for having the temerity to have done exactly what they were asked.

Where are all the “moderate” Arab countries, willing to fight to put down their fanatical brother muslims?

They do not exist. We have put ourselves, or actually, our Dhimmi-in-Chief has put us, right in the crosshairs of the next wave of fanatical muslim terrorists. Should Wacky Khadaffy survive, you know he will continue his exportation and funding of terrorism, and it will be us he will target.

Should we manage to help al quada and the muslim brotherhood, whom we are working alongside right now, defeat Wacky Khadaffy, does anyone think their gratitude will be such that they immediately cease all terrorist activities around the world, and stop trying to force sharia law on the west?

No, they will use their new-found positions  of power and weapons to fortify and magnify their activities and demands against civilized cultures, attempting to re-create their seventh-century savagery around the world.

This is what the,”Pelosi Foreign Policy”, will bring us. We have entered a war without debate or clarity of mission, and we will find out what awaits us as a result, later.

Ron Reale

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I hope you mean the election in 2012!

  2. Wilmer Kingfisher /

    Every American should read this, especially registered voters. Ask your-self if your Senator or Congressman exhibits the integrity and honestyand dedication to the Constitution that this article so beautifullyportrays. If your answer is no, then I suggest you do some homework andfind a candidate that will, regardless of their party affiliation. Wehave an opportunity to stop the madness in Nov. 2010. Please send thisto everyone you know, and make sure you vote this fall.God bless America.

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