It’s Hard To Trump the Truth!

It’s Hard To Trump the Truth!
Up to now, the media has had a field day dismissing, denigrating and doing their best to destroy, anyone asking any questions regarding the Stranger-in-Chief, disparaging them as “birthers”

If someone mentions the Constitutional mandate to ensure only, “a natural born citizen”, runs for the White House, they are slandered as “racists”, because this recent electee happens to be a man of, or 1/2 a man, of color.

When the known facts are brought up, like the FACTS:

1) Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi signed different documents concerning the eligibility of John McCain, (his says he has been found to be Constitutionally qualified), and the Stranger-in-Chief, (that paragraph concerning qualifying eligibility is not found on his document);

2) His grandmother insisted until her death that she had been at his birth in Kenya;

3) There is no evidence of his parents living together in Hawaii at the address on the newspaper birth announcements;

4) There is evidence that he was educated as a muslim in Indonesia, and listed his religion as “islam” even when registered in Catholic school from first to third grade;

5) His Indonesian school records identify him as Barry Soreto, Indonesian citizen, muslim.

6) (This is also possibly why he lost his law license, as he may have lied on his state filings, saying he had never gone by other names);

7) The Stranger-in-Chief reportedly has a Social Security number which previously belonged to a dead person, from Connecticut, a state with which he has never been connected;

There is more obfuscation in our presidential “invisible man”, but you get the gist. Any reasonable person seeing all this, and knowing the Stranger-in-Chief has three law firms he has paid upwards of $2,ooo,000 dollars to date to keep hidden every record from every aspect of his past, might have a question or two.

Asking those questions, up to now, has caused destruction and ridicule to reign upon the questioner, at the hands of the all knowing, oh-so superior Main Stream Media, (MSM), and the elitist loyalists of obama. Few people can hold up under their combined, withering attacks.

Enter Donald Trump!

Never one to run from a controversy, The Donald has jumped right into the fray. He has repeatedly stated his incredulity at the fact that we Americans are constantly showing their birth certificates when they do the simplest things, like getting a drivers license or signing their child up for Little League.

8) He wonders, like most Americans at this point, why the Stranger-in-Chief won’t just release the birth certificate. For that, he has been branded a racist by that great intellectual, Whoopie Goldberg, whose ignorance level led her to actually state that, if, “he was elected president, then he is an American! ” Really? I didn’t find that rule in the Constitution! If that is the requirement, can we expect an onslaught of illegal aliens filing to run for President, just to gain citizenship?

The Donald has the heft and gravitas, the testicular fortitude, to stand up to their onslaught, and he has the smarts to give it back in spades.  Americans welcome his questions. They welcome his common-sense demands to bring an end to this dangerous lack of credentials, his insistence we find out just who we elected.

He, like all of us, wants the truth, because, as you know…wait for it…it’s hard to TRUMP the TRUTH!











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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    I know this was a spam post, but I just wanted it here to point out the normal course of lying for liberals. What Palin said about Paul Revere was correct, according to historians, who, like her and unlike all the pundits and the poster I reply to, know what they are talking about. Revere DID warn the British not to try and take colonists weapons.

  2. Corliss Couvillier /

    Its a shame that Ms Sarah Palin gave a contorted version of history yesterday to explain her way out of a gaffe she made last week on the midnight ride of American revolutionary patriot Paul Revere in 1775. Read the inside scoop on this news at

  3. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Well, I think inside, he just knows there is no way, short of it being supplied by the Prevaricator-in-Chief, to prove such a thing. Even with all the evidence to the contrary, or just all the questions, until Trump, they have been easily deflecting the issue. Up to now, They turn the questioners into the issue with, “Birthers, or, my favorite, Racists”. Once you get branded, you are relegated to the “don’t take seriously about anything” level, and you can get in the way of others,, raising other “serious” issues. Without proof, it really hurts all of his opposition.
    Up to now, that is! Donald Trump is going to change the rules of the game. It is about time someone with the necessary gravitas had brought up, and stood behind, not backing down but pushing, this issue.
    In the end, it will help us all, and Beck will come around, (I believe).
    Beck is a blessing, he doesn’t have to lead on every issue.
    I think he is way ahead of the game exposing the Soros, union, progressive, terrorist connections.
    Be well, and I would appreciate opinions, pro or con, on any of my other articles, if you have the time.

  4. katia swartz /

    An excellent article Ron. Why do you think that Glenn Beck goes to the extreme to villify – marginalize and mock “birthers” when resolution of obama’s illegitimate qualification to hold the POTUS office would solve many problems created him??

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