An Open Letter To Tom Tancredo, (Share It With Your Friends, Tom)

Tom Tancredo attacked the Trump candidacy in an article at World Net Daily,

His main point of contention is that Trump has no record of so-called, “public service”. You know, that, (selfless drive that politicians hide behind as they conspire to steal our money), “I’m better than you because I work for the government thing.”

I felt it was necessary to address some of his concerns, as such:

“… “How is it that a man with so much heavy political and personal baggage and no record of public service whatsoever can be taken seriously by so many Republicans as a candidate for the highest office in the nation?”

Hi Tom, good, if wrong on so many counts, article! I love your stand on the border, and am waiting to see if Trump will speak to that issue. To answer your question, his “political baggage” is only that of a successful businessman trying to survive amongst sharks, and saying and doing anything he can to get an advantage. He has not been making decisions for others, but for his business. The “public servants” you are so keen on, are all, (mostly), corrupt liars and power hungry thieves that go to DC and amass millions of dollars in backroom deals, spend our money on corrupt dictators and the anti-American UN functions and dictates, and do their best to destroy America from within. The “public service” record you seem to feel is so necessary to lead America is a joke. Like the Kennedy’s, they are all craven, power hungry elitists with a do-as-I-say, not-as-I-do attitude towards the people. Name me a politician that went to DC and did not get rich, sir. How are those insider trading deals, whose laws they are immune to, working out for them? “Public Service” is a quaint idea that has been taken over by career politicians as a smokescreen to cheat and destroy America. By “public service”, do you mean Rangel cheating on his taxes? Pelosi making special laws to enrich her tuna contributors and husband? Harry Reid selling government lands so his kids get rich? Teddy Kennedy killing his brothers pregnant girlfriend? Teddy Kennedy conspiring with the Russians against our country, numerous times? obama apologizing for America existing at all, and doing his best to turn us into a third world nation by bankrupting us? Maxine Waters, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd all arranging corrupt banking deals, and ruining the banking system with the communist ideals? This is the best you can do, sir? Complain that because he has not stolen enough, cheated enough, or harmed enough citizens through “public service”, Trump won’t fit in? Unlike 90% of the “public servants” we elect, who turn into steal-as-much-as-possible-between-fixing-elections-to-stay-in-power thieves, Trump is already a powerful man, with what we really need. “PRIVATE SECTOR BUSINESS ACCUMEN” and smarts. Unlike the Schumers and other microphone-hungry pissants blustering from DC, he won’t need an election to feel important and superior to the electorate or amass power and wealth. “The Donald” may be a joke to you and other elitists, sir, but, given the choice between a politician that has never worked a day in his life yet pontificates like they know it all, and a successful, and at times, unsuccessful businessman that has made his way to the top, the politician loses, hands down. Be well, and please concentrate on the border, on that you make sense. On Trump, no, not so much.

Ron Reale

I did not address the fact that he attacks “The Donald” for his past record, yet it is easy to find that record, as opposed to people paying millions of dollars to law firms to hide all past records. It would have been too easy. rr

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  1. Ron Reale / Post Author

    Thank you, but read it more carefully . I made no accusations against Tancredo, and I seriously would like to see HIM in charge of the borders! I specifically did not say “ALL”, or “100% of them”.
    I like Trump, right now, because I am a NY’er, and have seen him fight all my life. I also saw him do the impossible, fix the Cntral Park Ice skating rink in4 or so months, when the city could not get it done in years.
    Let’s see where he takes us, and keep the rino hounds and bluebloods off his back. I like a street fight, and in Trump, we will get one!
    be well!

  2. Marla Gillaspie /

    Nice rant, perhaps aimed at the wrong politician. Unlike the politicians you tout in your rant, Tom Tancredo did not get rich in Congress and stood against all the corruption that you have touted in your rant.

    Concerning Trump, he is the trojan horse for many of us in the Tea Party movement, but is not taken seriously as a likely candidate to claim the Republican nomination. Many of the politicians that you noted are the same politicians that Trump donated to and are the antithesis of what conservatives are looking for in a candidate.

    Trump is mixing it up nicely, he’s taking on the media and Obama, what a refreshing change, rather than chanting the “Media Matters” talking points. Watching the media squirm to Trump’s honest questions regarding the Messiah’s past is a joy.The media more than any other organization or politician is the true villain at this time in our country. Obama was never vetted or investigated, the media just pumped out the talking points that were given to them. The media is the true propaganda machine. If Trump is willing to stand up to them it is worth Trump’s pompous, egotistical rhetoric.

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