Politics Not The Business Of The Military…Yet!

I am so tired of the repeated caterwauling and derision of American values and God-given rights from politicians, judges, and the last people in the world that should be publicly commenting on a citizens legal rights, military men.

Recently, an American citizen rightly pointed out the absurdity and evil of islam, by burning the book that forces its followers to kill free men everywhere.

Here, in America, where we have free men with God-given unalienable rights, here, we are being told we can’t say anything about islam.

This cult has been at war with America for 200 years, yet we are derided as “islamophobes”, if we question the evil motives or barbaric methods of this savage, seventh-century insult to civilization.

We have a military in this country, created by the citizens to protect our God-given rights. Period.

Political discourse is not in the domain of the military.

We are not supposed to know legal “opinions” of our military men, and certainly should not have them pressured upon us. The military men at the State of the Union Presidential addresses do not stand and applaud at partisan lines, or policy dictates, nor do the Supreme Court members.

To the world, reading our founding documents shows our military to be subservient to the citizenry and the law, period.

The military are not a lawmaking branch of the government, nor policy makers. They are not societal engineers, running our lives.

On the contrary, they have but one function in our society, or had, up to now.

That is to kill anyone trying to encroach upon our liberties, as defined by our God-given rights, enshrined in the Constitution they swore to uphold.

Even in their own separate military justice, they may have no opinions on their orders, having to follow them, as long as they are legal orders.

Our First Amendment was still in effect, last time I checked.

It is the right and duty of any fellow American, newsman, citizen on the street, elected official and even a president to condemn and criticize an American citizen and their form of legal political protest, if they so desire. They can run counter protests if they desire.

It is a sad day for our country when a military man expresses opinions to the world, in uniform, from foreign territory, attempting to assuage our enemies hateful intolerance at any Americans exercising their God-given rights, by belittling those very rights; by accepting the premise that ANY word or deed in the world short of a violent attack against them, deserves the deadly, incendiary actions our enemies take, without excuses or reasons, every day of the week.

We expect corrupt politicians and the media to speak from both sides of their mouths, capitulating and bowing to our enemies.

It is up to our military to stand up, under any and all circumstances, for any American to exercise the freedoms of the document they swore to uphold.

That is why the General, well meaning I’m sure, should have kept his mouth shut if he could not use the opportunity to point out the freedoms available to all in America, of all religions or beliefs, as long as they are non-violent; and how he is the embodiment of that freedom, ready to defend, kill and/or die protecting it, and anyone living peacefully under it, regardless of whether he agrees with them or not.

Editors note: The day after I published this, news broke that the General will be running the CIA soon. I’m glad he found a position more suited to his political learning curve. I guess we can all expect regular dressing downs about not exercising our Constitutional rights, for fear of upsetting  hateful, intolerant, extremely disrespectful thugs, Oh wait, I’m sorry, that’s what he thinks of Americans standing up to filthy savage extortionists trying to blackmail the world into silence with their barbarity. I guess we are supposed to join him, and love and tolerate the killers, and respect their violent, vicious attacks against infidels world-wide.

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