Is obama Superman, or is Superman obama?

As I watched the President pat himself on the back for, (continuing the policies put in place by George W Bush, including making Osama Bin Laden the top priority of our military and law enforcement agencies, and, using the information gleaned through George W Bush’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” 8 years ago to catch him), I realized that he, obama, seems to believe that it is he, and he alone, that is responsible for finally killing our Most Wanted enemy. Even though George W Bush said it was our policy to get him, “Dead or Alive,” even though it was the CIA’s orders for many years to kill him, (while obama was voting to strip all the same Bush policies, decrying every action GW made against our enemy), apparently, it was really all obama.

Which leads me to ask:

Is obama Superman, or is Superman obama?

In an extraordinary decision, Superman has been written, (yes, I know he doesn’t exist!), to give up his American citizenship, because he does not want his actions portrayed as benefiting American policy.

obama’s path is being re-written to actually convince people he is happy our greatest enemy is dead, by his hand, because of information he believed we had no right to get.

Leaving aside whether he even was, or is a citizen, or whether his papers would, (be written to), have a higher ID number than people born days after him, there are still many similarities, between obama and Superman. (obama doesn’t want his actions benefiting American policy either, like giving NATO predator drones to kill Khadaffy, while claiming we don’t want him killed, that might benefit America).

Both didn’t really know their real parents.

Both being raised, and influenced, by surrogates.

Both have “secret identities”, Superman just needing a suit and a pair of glasses. obama needs three law firms and millions of dollars to keep his true identity hidden.

Superman had the Kents, fine people from the heartland of America, who instilled in him the traditions, values and morals they believed in, those of America.
obama’s grandfather sought out Frank Marshall Davis to become obama’s strongest influence, according to obama. Davis instilled in the boy the traditions, values and morals he believed in, those of a Black Power-pedophile-sexual-deviant-communist anti-American.

Both have carried at least some of those teachings with them all their lives, until recently. (The fictional one changed for the worse, not vice versa, unfortunately)

Both spent time in the world of print, Superman at the Daily Planet, obama at the Harvard Law Review.

There are differences, though.

Superman has always been written as a champion of America, who stood for, “Truth, Justice and the American Way”. obama, in his role as an, “community organizer”, and now as President, has always had great problems with, ” Truth”. I could list many of his lies, concerning things such as publicly financing his campaign,  transparency in government, no federal funding for abortions, you know, all those little things…

Than, there is,  “Justice”. Superman was all for, “Justice”, arresting anyone on the wrong side of the law, delivering them for prosecution.
obama believes in, “Justice”, as long as the criminals are not Black Panthers, or muslim terrorists, (except for Osama Bin Laden. In his best GW impression, osama put two in his head). Superman ain’t playin that! That might “benefit America.”

Or, “I don’t know all the facts, but, (the white guys), acted stupidly”.

The, “American Way”? Up to now, Superman was all for the, “American Way”.
obama, on the other hand, has, since his arrival on the scene, denigrated our Constitution repeatedly, and apologized for America’s morals, values and traditions, (like defending ourselves from most of the worlds terrorists), all over the world, bowing, scraping and groveling to pissant dictators worldwide.

Superman is reportedly about to go to the UN, and declare himself to be a “Citizen of the World”.

Didn’t obama do that already? Will that terrorist supporting organization disavow obamas new identity, as its members attack America for delivering, “justice”?

I just wish that if one of them had to emulate the other, it would have gone the other way.

BTW, anyone seen Trump and Superman together?


(That amazing photo was supplied by Charles Henrickson as a comment on my post, and I am extremely grateful!)


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