How’s That “Religious Appeasement” Workin’ For Ya, obama?

How’s That “Religious Appeasement” Workin’ For Ya, obama?

When are we going to smarten up? Our illustrious president has gone, on bended knee, and kissed the collective arses of every muslim punk dictator around the world.

1* In Cairo, he made a point of letting the world know how much respect he has, and America has, for Islam.

As a result, there is peace throughout the world, butterflies accompany everyone everywhere, and rainbows dot the skys…no, wait, that is just in obama’s head.

Actually, they have spit upon every obsequious gesture, laughing at the ignorance and timidity of their next conquest.

We are being attacked by fanatics for purely religious reasons.

2* The Israelis finally got it, and stopped the suicide bombings on their buses and in their clubs, by using their religion against them. All they did was place or hang pork products in their shops and vehicles. That’s it. These are seventh-century savages, who are afraid of not going to meet allah should they come in contact with a pig, and as such, will not blow themselves up if pork is present.

Why are we are afraid of such incredible, evil ignorance?

I’m not impressed, at all, with how we treated Osama Bin Laden to such a wonderful, muslim required burial. It does nothing to make them think twice about attacking us, rather it invites more attacks, in the face of our acquiescence to islamic rituals that guarantee their deliverance to the god that orders them to kill us.

Our leaders, and I’m talking about every one of them since WW2, but especially since Carter, have had the tool to stop these barbarians in their tracks, immediately, but they would rather let them kill Americans than use it.

It is the koran. Their handbook of evil contains the remedy, we just refuse to use it. We allow them to attack us with it, but use it for our defense? Not politically correct.

Want to stop all attacks and ground conflicts tomorrow? Easy!

Just announce that all ammunition used by the west will be shipped with an animal-fat based lubricant.  All our munitions, as they are put together, will also be treated as such. Like the Israelis, every western business in the middle east should hang pork products, and all civilian and military personnel should be required to carry a bit of pork in a vial, to ensure no muslim will die a martyr in a suicide attack.

Speaking to the incredible “Religious Appeasement” the world has just witnessed in the handling of the terrorist mass murderer, Osama Bin Laden’s, body, I say, “ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!?!”

He used his religion to kill us, and we reward him with his religions required burial, so he can meet allah as a hero?

Our leaders are nuts. Bin Ladens body, and that of every muslim killed in battle, should be bathed in pig blood. Our soldiers should be issued atomizers of it, to spray on all the dead. There should be public announcements of the policy, and leaflets should be dropped confirming it. They are more afraid of that than our bullets, why aren’t we using it?

If they are so backward and ignorant to believe there is no reward waiting for them if we do that, why are we helping them kill us by doing the opposite?

3*  Where is our “Blackjack” Pershing?



3*          (snopes has this as “undetermined” because our dhimmi leaders have whitewashed the incidents, but even if untrue then, why not do it now, anyway? It obviously works, as Israel can verify)

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