Police “Outrage” About White House Guest’s Lyrics, Too Little, Too Late!

Police “Outrage” About White House Guest’s Lyrics, Too Little, Too Late!

Let me start by saying that my family, immediate and extended, is a police family. From retired Lieutenants and Sargeants to Detectives and Patrolmen. I have friends who went out on disability after being shot in the line of duty.

My eyeglasses kept me from the job after getting high 90’s on the entrance tests twice in the 1970’s.

That said, I have a message for Police, everywhere, regarding their recent “outrage” over obama’s invitation to the White House for a street punk rapper I will not name.

“You didn’t care when obama was running side by side with a terrorist that had, along with his anti-American wife and cadre of radical killer friends, (the ones obama now calls “advisors”, thanks to you), bombed New York City Police Headquarters, wounding your brother officers.

“You did not care.

“While the National Fraternal Order of Police did not endorse obama, (but they did endorse Eric Holder, even with his anti- first and second amendment past and SDS, Weather Underground pardons), the National Order of Police Organizations did, as did the International Union of Police Associations, and so did AFSCME, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. In YOUR name.




“The silence from you rank and file officers was deafening concerning these endorsement. Where were all the resignations, where are all the stories of officers bucking the unions, publicly denouncing your dues being used to get a street thug terrorist sympathizer elected as the countries chief Law Enforcement official?

“No, like so called “moderate muslims”, who sit silently while their brethren spread evil in their name, you rank and file police obediently sit while your union leaders bring disgrace to your profession.  You’re up in arms about making citizens pay more for your all important collective bargaining rights, (http://www.fop.net/), but worry about cop killers and terrorists around the president? No, not so much.

“He surrounded himself with “SDS” and “Weather Underground” terrorists,  and police unions all over the country shook his hand, kissed his ring and ass, and put him and his radical Attorney General in office. Suddenly, you’re upset about LYRICS?



The blood of the police around the country, spilled by Bill Ayers and his cohorts, was enough for us. Why not you?

You should have remembered the killer Joanne Chesimard and her victim (New Jersey State Troopers James Harper, who survived, and Werner Foerster, who did not), when you helped Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two of the most wanted criminals in America for years, get their handpicked thug elected.


You didn’t care.

Start denouncing these corrupt union endorsements, and withhold your union dues until honest brokers represent you. Get the AFL-CIO to stop supporting cop-killer Abdul Jamal, and go back to banning communists as union leaders. The National Fraternal Order of Police sent a letter concerning their disgust at the support for Abdul Jamal, but where are all the rank and file letters and protests? What about all the other police organizations? I have heard ONE police voice complaining. That is not “outrage.” That is sad.



We’ve been “outraged” since you helped get obama and his thugs elected. Welcome to our outrage.

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