Israel V Texas, revisited (AGAIN), 5/19/2011

Israel V Texas, revisited, (AGAIN), 5/19/2011

Watch your back, Texas!

Today, 5/19/2011, our ally backstabbing, obsequiously apologetic muslim sympathizer president formally announced his support for terrorism against Israel. **

As I pointed out in these past posts, what is the difference between how the Mexicans view Texas, and how obama, the muslim world and Jordanians, (called Palestinians for propaganda purposes), view Israel?

In light of the recent degrading and demeaning treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister by THE ONE and his Muslim Brigade in the White House, I realized I had to come back to this issue and answer my own question, from paragraph three.
The answer is yes, there would be one, Barack Obama. He would immediately go to Mexico and apologize, while bowing deeply.
Imagine if a racist terrorist group , lets call it ”La Raza” just for fun, decided to complain to the UN that Texas is occupying Mexican lands Texans won in a war, and demanded Texans stop building homes in Texas. Imagine the racist terrorist group, “La Raza”, decided San Antonio was Mexico’s capital, and the Alamo was Mexican property.
Now imagine the UN agrees with Mexico, and demands Texans stop building homes in Texas. Vladimir Putin demands it, and acts in a threatening manner about the issue.
Would there be one American that would not go to Texas and start building homes, to say to the world, “fornicate yourselves, this is our land, won in a war, and we will never give it up, or let anyone else control our movements here. Try and stop us and we will kill you, your children and your children’s children!”
Now look at the real life scenario in Israel.
11 arab nations cowardly and sneakily attacked, with the intent to destroy Israel, on one of their Holy Days, years ago. Israel fought off the attack, defeating them all, and should have continued and destroyed each capital and taken over the whole region, but only took the land they were attacked from. The cowards lost the war, and the price they paid for their unprovoked sneak attack was the land they attacked from.
They no longer have any legitimate claim to that land, and Israel has every right to do as it pleases there, with no interference from ANYONE, and that includes the Anti-Israeli muslim brigade in the white house.
Not only should Israel pull out off any so-called peace talks, which have never gotten them anywhere, regardless off what they agree too, they should wipe out the Jordanian sewer called Gaza, and completely destroy any building or neighborhood a single bullet comes from.
When they’re done killing all the people trying to kill them, they can negotiate for peace with the cowering survivors. Peace only comes when one side knows if they even look askew at the victor, they will be killed.
How many times did Japan attack us after Nagasaki and Hiroshima? How about the Germans, or the Italians, (of which I am one)? Stop with the truce, finish the war, and let whoever wins dictate the peace.

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